Masters of Science in Agricultural Education

The following pre-requisite courses are required before entry into the Master's program:

LEAD 242 (3) Personal Leadership (W on campus; W Sp and Su online) OR LEAD 342 (3) Team and Organizational Leadership (Sp and Su online: Sp on campus) or another leadership course

AG 221 (3) – Metals & Welding (Sp – recommended but currently not offered)

AG 312 (3) – Engine Theory & Operation (W – recommended but currently not offered at OSU)

AG 391 (3) – Farm Implements (online F and Su) or equivalent

AG 412 (3) – Agricultural Safety and Health (W on campus and online; Su online) or equivalent

ANS 121 (4) – Introduction to Animal Sciences (all terms and online)

ANS 313 (4) – Applied Animal Nutrition (W) OR equivalent nutrition course/series

ANS 231 (2) – Livestock Evaluation  (sp) OR ANS 230 (2) – Dairy Evaluation OR equivalent experience

SOIL 205 (3) with SOIL 206 (1) – Soil Science plus lab OR equivalent soils course (all terms)

CROP/HORT 300 (4) – Introduction to Crop Production OR equivalent crops course (F)

HORT 301 (3) – Principles of Horticulture AND (F campus and online

HORT 311 (4) – Plant Propagation (W) OR HORT 351 (4) – Floriculture and Greenhouse Systems (Sp alt years with 361) OR HORT 361 (4) – Plant Nursery Systems (Sp alt years with 351)

AEC 211 (4) – Management in Agriculture (W) (Has an AEC 250 pre-req)

AEC 221 (3) – Marketing in Agriculture (Sp)

AED 313 (4) – Theory and Practice III:  Field Experience (all terms)

ED 253 (3) – Learning Across the Lifespan OR equivalent course  (all terms)

ED 216 (3) – Purpose, Structure, Function of Education in a Democracy OR equivalent course  (all terms)

ED 219 (3) – Multicultural Issues in Education OR equivalent course OR pass the ORELA test (all terms)

AND 1040 hours of documented experience in Agriculture

AND NOTE: Any additional agriculture credits you have in your degree - above 180 credit -  at the 400 level may be used to qualify as a College Credit Now instructor.

If you would like to submit a petition for a course you had previously taken that is not listed above to be considered as satisfying a specific pre-requisite course, please fill out the Academic Petition for Agrilcultural Education Pre-requisite Course form:  /sites/agscid7/files/academic_petition_form.pdf



Click here for the complete checklist to apply: Steps To Admission