Blue Mountain Community College


BMCC CourseOSU Catagory/TitleOSU CourseNotes/Exceptions
AGR 111Information Technology in AgAG 111CS 101
NONELeadership DevelopmentAG 421 
AGR 211Ag and Food ManagementAEC 211 
NONESoil ScienceSOIL 205 & SOIL 206 (lab) 
NONEFundamentals of AccountingBA 215 / BA 211 &213Ba 213 offered but maybe not transferable
BA 226 (most common) BA 230

-Only need one of the three law classes

-Recommend AED 388 at OSU

 AEC 253
Agricultural LawAEC 388 (pref.) only 
EC 201MicroeconomicsECON 201/ AEC 250 Recommend AEC course(s) at OSU
CH 221General ChemistryCH 231 & CH 261 (lab) 
CH 222General ChemistryCH 232 & CH 262 (lab) 
BI 101 or BI 211General Biology/Principle BiologyBI 101 or BI LD2 Prefer BI 21X sequence
BI 102 or BI 212General Biology/Principle BiologyBI 102 or BI LD2 Prefer BI 21X sequence
BI103 or BI 213General Biology/Principle BiologyBI 103 or BI LD2 Prefer BI 21X sequence
MTH 101 /MTH 111College AlgebraMTH 111 

Blue Mountain Community College Schedule of Courses 

Courses with (*) in notes transfer as Lower Division Credit