Agricultural Executive Council serves as a governing and promotional body for students and clubs within the college of Agricultural Sciences representing about 25 clubs and organizations. The council is chosen by their peers in order to achieve the goals of the college and its constituents; to facilitate professional development, camaraderie, and communication; to promote student activities and events; and to provide resources and opportunities to further the understanding of the diversity of agriculture. Such activities create an environment to foster student and group exploration in the world of Agricultural Sciences and to engage them in a meaningful college experience at Oregon State University.

Ag Exec officers serve students in a professional manner striving at all times to be positive leaders and work as a team to be inventive, resourceful, and organized to assist all students towards reaching their potential. The council’s leadership is built upon a positive attitude, which is instilled throughout the college. Officers are always approachable and available resources for club membership. Ag Exec also acts in cooperation with the administration of the College of Agricultural Sciences to further public relations and improvements to the College.