2001-2002 Ambassadors

Weinblatt and Long PhotoMeet Melissa Weinblatt and Ryan Long

To me, college is about opportunities and learning which of those opportunities are the right ones for you as an individual. Your college experience is your own unique creation based on the decisions that you make and the path that you create. The opportunities here at OSU have been endless. And, because of them, I am confident that I am building my future on a solid foundation.

Melissa Weinblatt
Junior, Animal Sciences
Port Orford, Oregon

Excitement and opportunity are two words that best describe my first year at Oregon State University. I came to OSU as a transfer student, and I had my doubts about the school and fitting in with a new crowd. My doubts quickly disappeared after being a part of the College of Agricultural Sciences for only a short while. I know getting involved has made the difference between having an average college life and having the experience of a lifetime. OSU has opened many new doors for me and will continue to lead me to success in any career I choose.

Ryan Long
Senior, Animal Sciences
Vernal, Utah

Sethre and Lavcevic PhotoMeet Heather Sethre and Kristina Lavcevic

From the first time I visited the OSU campus to now, the College of Agricultural Sciences has been supportive of my dreams and goals. The interest the faculty has taken regarding my financial needs and scholastic requirements has made college a positive and memorable experience.

Heather Sethre
Junior, Agricultural Business Management
Wolf Point, Montana

After receiving my associate’s degree from a small women’s college in Missouri, the nationally ranked Environmental Science Program drew me out here to OSU. Since arriving, I have learned that becoming active on campus as well as in the community is the key to my success as a student, friend, and co-worker.

Kristina Lavcevic
Senior, Environmental Science
Omaha, Nebraska

Moon and Martin PhotoMeet Travis Martin and Leah Moon

After I received my associate’s degree from Linn-Benton Community College, I transferred to OSU. Here I have had the privilege of working closely with faculty and staff. Both have been extremely helpful with the transition to OSU. OSU has given me a chance to grow and meet new people. It has been an excellent step and has positively shaped my life.

Travis Martin
Senior, Animal Sciences and Business Administration
Bonanza, Oregon

Originally coming from a small town in eastern Oregon, I first thought OSU seemed too big a mountain to climb, but it has been the best choice I ever made. OSU has offered me opportunities I never dreamed of. The support and devotion from faculty and staff have been key to my success throughout my education. I have not only gained knowledge and wisdom through my time at OSU, but heartfelt friendships that will last a lifetime.

Leah Moon
Senior, General Agriculture and Animal Sciences
Milton-Freewater, Oregon

Terrien, Deggendorfer, and Horacek PhotoMeet Nancy Horacek, Erin Deggendorfer, and Jennifer Terrien

Coming to OSU from my small hometown was a huge step that I had to take on my own. But no sooner than I had arrived, I was welcomed to the College of Agricultural Sciences and became a part of an ever-growing family. OSU and the College of Agricultural Sciences have given me the knowledge and provided me with the opportunities for tremendous experiences that will help me to mold my future.

Nancy Horacek
Sophomore, Animal Sciences
Yamhill, Oregon

I had always known that I wanted to attend Oregon State University, and from my first day on campus, I knew that it was the best decision I could have made. The staff and students reach out and make an effort to be friendly and supportive to all others on campus. By becoming actively involved with several clubs and activities from my first day here, I truly feel like OSU is my home.

Erin Deggendorfer
Senior, General Agriculture
Sisters, Oregon

Oregon State University has had a big impact on the last three years of my life. I have been able to take advantage of many leadership opportunities, be involved in a number of different clubs, and meet a lot of new people. OSU has also given me many wonderful memories.

Jennifer Terrien
Senior, Agricultural Business Management
Junction City, Oregon

Holveck and Chamberlain PhotoMeet Crystle Chamberlain and Kara Holveck

Coming to Oregon State University was one of the hardest and one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I am lucky enough to have always known what I wanted to do with my life, and OSU has given me the opportunities and the education to open many doors. While I look forward to the future, I cherish the time and the many friends that I have made here at OSU.

Crystle Chamberlain
Senior, Bioresource Research
Vale, Oregon

Since I come from an agricultural background, I knew that the College of Agricultural Sciences and OSU were where I wanted to be. There are so many opportunities with the college and university that have made my college experience unforgettable. Choosing to become involved in the community and the university makes a world of difference in making an education great. No matter what you are interested in, there is a program and a place for you at OSU.

Kara Holveck
Junior, Agricultural and Resource Economics
Newberg, Oregon