2006-2007 Ambassadors

Julia Lauch and Bibiana Gomes- Student Directors

Julia and Bibs

Julia Lauch from Eugene, Oregon
Forest Management

I began working for the Oregon Department of Forestry as a wildland firefighter following my senior year in high school.  On top of my family background, this experience in the field aided me in the decision to pursue a career in Forestry.  I soon realized that Oregon State University was known nationwide for its College of Forestry.  In addition to the exceptional education provided, OSU offers countless opportunities to explore interests, make incredible friends, and have fun.  I had the incredible opportunity, through the College of Forestry, to spend the fall of 2005 as the forest policy intern for the National Association of State Foresters in Washington, DC.  Without the resources and support of my advisor and professors I would not have had this opportunity.  OSU is a great school filled with faculty and staff capable and willing to help with anything.  I am honored to represent the colleges of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry.

Bibiana Gomes from Sandy, Oregon
General Agriculture

Excellence, culture, and individuality are among the many values upheld at Oregon State University.  The College of Agricultural Sciences provides its students a vibrant program and well qualified, personable staff who engage, challenge, and encourage students to succeed.  My experiences at OSU have been remarkable. Deciding to attend OSU for my higher education has by far been the best decision I have made.  OSU has given me a combined knowledge and focus from all areas which have helped me in directing my aspirations and discovering the paths that will lead me to achievement.



Eva Sandberg and Stephanie Hatch

Eva Sandberg from Corvallis, Oregon

As a Corvallis resident for the last 16 years, I was admittedly nervous to begin my college career at Oregon State because I anticipated that it would be no different from my high school experience. However, I was much more than pleasantly surprised upon entering OSU and the College of Agricultural Sciences. The university is so diverse and each college provides students with innumerable experiences and opportunities. It is so easy for students to find success within their majors, as well as become involved in various social clubs, sports teams, organizations, and jobs that fit their individual interests. I could not imagine finding a better educational fit for my personal goals anywhere else, and how convenient that it was literally at my doorstep!

Stephanie Hatch from Woodburn, Oregon
Animal Sciences

This past year, I made some major changes concerning my career path, which led me to change my major and transfer to Oregon State.  I came to OSU with the expectation of receiving a quality education but found so much more.  The university offers so many clubs and activities to get involved in, whether you want to further your education, learn a new skill, keep fit, or just have fun.  The faculty truly care about their students and teaching often happens in the form of hands-on activities.  I love the College of Agricultural Sciences because it allows students to feel like they belong to a small school, yet has all the benefits of a large university.



Chaylon Shuffield and Jamie Jaberg

Chaylon and Jamie

Chaylon Shuffield from Summer Lake, Oregon
Forest Management

My college experience started at Eastern Oregon University. After spending two years there I was ready to broaden my education through the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. The transition was well beyond my expectations. OSU has dedicated faculty and staff that go above and beyond their duties to make sure you feel at ease. OSU has unlimited opportunities for individuals to build their educational foundation. Attending OSU helped me develop leadership and teamwork that I will continue to use throughout my career. I am happy with my decision to transfer to OSU and be part of an environment that recognizes students individually.

Jamie Jaberg from Coos Bay, Oregon
Rangeland Ecology and Management

There is no doubt that Oregon State University was the right choice for me. I am able to maintain an active lifestyle through involvement in organizations related to my interests on campus, while at the same time using those activities to enhance my education and strengthen my future.  Not to mention I met great people in every corner of the state, across the country, and the world.  I seriously considered going out of state for college but quickly realized everything I wanted to do, and more opportunities than I imagined, were right here at OSU.



Juan Piccini and Lacey McReynolds

Juan Piccini from Salem, Oregon
Forest Engineering

Going to the university and preparing for the future has been my main focus these past few years of my life. When I was in high school, I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do. Talking to an advisor from Oregon State University made me realize that forestry engineering was what I wanted to do, and that OSU was the place to pursue this career. I knew instantly that attending this university will open many doors of opportunities for me and my family members.

Lacey McReynolds from Clackamas, Oregon
Animal Sciences

After enrolling at Oregon State University I realized the college’s cooperation with individuals, organizations, industries, and other affiliates of the university provide a strong network for students to enhance their education and utilize their abilities.  I knew that OSU would provide me the skills and connections necessary to begin a career in any field I chose.  As I complete my senior year, I now have a thick book of contacts, all experts in their industries. But more important, I have the confidence and detailed knowledge to converse with them and prove myself worthy of a position in their companies.  I believe the value of OSU can be measured by the limitless amount of opportunities and services it provides for its students. 



Shannon Boettcher and Amber Ten Eyck

Shannon Boettcher from Hermiston, Oregon
General Agriculture and English

There's nothing like walking into Reser stadium. Wearing my "Beaver Believer" tee-shirt, I fit right in with the 40,000 fans making waves of orange and black. My allegiance to OSU goes further than Beaver football. OSU and the College of Agricultural Sciences provide me with challenging course work, supportive professors, and good friends. In addition, I didn't have to give up my interests when choosing a major - I expanded them. The path I'm taking successfully combines my passion for learning and agriculture, while letting me explore English and Communications concurrently.  Looking at careers, my options are endless!

Amber Ten Eyck from Sandy, Oregon
Agricultural Business Management

Being a third generation Beaver has always been in the cards for me. What I didn't know was that such a vast array of opportunities would open up for me. Never did I expect to be interested in so many campus activities, or expect to meet so many fantastic people with similar interests. During my time at OSU I have learned that college is so much more than going to class and studying for midterms. College is whatever you make it. Fortunately OSU has all the right elements for anyone to make their college experience a great one.



Drew Schaefer and Christine Shriver-Munsch

Drew Schaefer from Boring, Oregon

Being in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University is providing me with excellent hands on learning experiences. Having a better perspective on specific subjects can be attained by involvement and experiencing the lesson first hand. This program gave me the opportunity to get involved in many activities and clubs which aid not only my learning but also provide the opportunities to bond with students in similar fields of study. The advisors in the Ag program also proved to be useful tools. They send notices about various opportunities such as internships, job openings, and many more, as well as events revolving around agriculture. OSU exceeded my expectations, and I am confident that my time and experience here will be beneficial.

Christine Shriver-Munsch from Boulder Creek, California
Animal Sciences

Until coming to Oregon State University I did not know the extensive career options available in agriculture. My experiences here at OSU helped me develop personal connections and skills that I will carry with me into the professional world. Becoming actively involved in clubs and classes is the key to a successful and profitable college experience. Traveling, for school and for fun, gave me the opportunity to further embrace the world into which I will be graduating. Regardless of your background or life goals, OSU is a community where great ideas and people develop.



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