2008-2009 Ambassadors

Ryan Bronson-  Forest Operations Management

Even though I come from a timber and agriculture background, I did not originally plan on studying forestry.  I spent my first year at Linfield College exploring the field of education and participating in track and field.  However, I decided against a professional career in education and transferred to OSU to pursue my interest in forestry.  Since that decision, I have had the opportunity to take advantage of the strong connections that the college has with associated industries.  Despite the large network of forestry-related industries and professionals affiliated with the college, the forestry program offers a small school atmosphere within the larger OSU community which allows for personal development.  I am now proud to be on my way to becoming a third generation forester and look forward to my professional career after completing my education.

Casey Davis -  Forest Management

As a non-traditional student I knew exactly what I wanted to gain from my education.  However, returning to the classroom after being out of school for ten years was an intimidating and confusing idea.  I jumped in with both feet and attended junior college full time in California for two years.  When the time came for me to transfer to a university, I had already done my homework. The Forest Management major at OSU was a perfect fit.  The history and reputation of the College of Forestry made this choice even easier.  The staff and faculty have helped to clearly define and take the steps needed to move me close to my professional goals.  My education at OSU is preparing me to be a leader in the industry and there is no end to the list of career opportunities that can be attributed to choosing OSU.

Kirby Flynn  -  Animal Science

My career goal is to become a veterinarian and practice in Oregon.  While attending California State University (Chico), my freshman year, I discovered that the opportunities available in the College of Agricultural Sciences at OSU would better help me to achieve my career goals.  My expectations of OSU have been met and surpassed.  I have been able to make friends through involvement in some of the numerous clubs and organizations on campus.  My memberships in organizations like the Young Cattlemen’s Association, Alpha Zeta, and Agricultural Ambassadors, have afforded me the opportunity to travel and make connections that will hopefully benefit me in the future.  Oregon State is much larger than Chico and I was nervous about the class sizes and my ability to adjust socially, but I have only experienced very welcoming environments and making friends has been so easy and comfortable.  I am proud to be a Beaver and to represent the College of Agricultural Sciences!

Allen Gibson  -  Horticulture

I grew up in Florence, Oregon, a small town on the coast.  I spent much of my childhood outdoors and I knew that I wanted to have a career that allowed me to work outdoors. My major is Landscape Design in Horticulture with a turf grass option which has been a passion of mine.  Throughout high school, OSU was the only college that I ever considered. I have enjoyed the support that I received when I came to OSU, the teachers and staff are very helpful getting new students moving in the right direction.

Keely Lopez  -  Fisheries and Wildlife

I have always had a passion for the outdoors and nature, but until coming to the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University and trying out the Fisheries and Wildlife program, I didn’t know how to turn that passion into a career.  Since I set foot on our beautiful campus, I have felt comfortable and at home.  I quickly realized the Fisheries and Wildlife Department would be a place where I could make good friends as well as good connections, realize personal growth and turn my goals into reality, receive a high quality education, and potentially participate in one of many outstanding research opportunities.  I personally feel very proud to be a part of a department that is nationally ranked in scientific research and has nationally accredited programs.  During my second year at OSU, I discovered one of my favorite things was that there was plenty of time to be involved in both educational and extracurricular opportunities.  I am a member of numerous clubs on campus and have become acquainted with professors and advisors and feel that there is really something for everybody here.  Thanks to OSU, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be able to reach my personal goals and I will continue to be black and orange throughout my life.

Madilynne McGuire  -  General Agriculture and Biochemical Engineering

Making up my mind to come to OSU was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.  Like many first year students at college, the indecision I went through during the spring before high school graduation is still fresh in my mind.  I knew I wanted to be involved in agriculture, but I feared I would be limited if I stayed too close to home.  I was very wrong.  Attending OSU has been one of the best decisions of my life.  Even as a freshman I was immediately involved in many activities and being close to home only meant that I was close to home cooking.  In my first year I have become a part of the campus community and the College of Agricultural Science.  My college decision was tough, but I know I made the right choice attending OSU.

Allison Meadows  -  General Agriculture

WARNING!  May cause intrigued minds!  My life has always been scattered with many different ideas, thoughts, and goals.  I have always craved to be different than the norm so as a senior at Crater High School in Sams Valley, Oregon, I wanted to attend a university that no one in my class would anticipate.  What I found in my search for the perfect school was a desire to educate others in the field of agriculture.  And to quote my friend Dorothy, “…there’s no place like home!”  In the short time I have attended OSU I have come to know the excellent advisors and caring instructors, and I have met a lot of good friends along the way.  Collectively they have encouraged my passion for education and my lifelong interest in learning.  I have developed my leadership skills through involvement in organizations and activities on campus and in the CAS.  By taking advantage of the opportunities available to me at OSU, I have proved that I am anything but the norm.

Andrew Merschel  -  Natural Resources

I arrived at OSU from rural Reedsport and was unsure about a choice for a major.  The opportunities at OSU and in the career world seemed endless.  There were many choices available but they all led me to the field of Natural Resources.  During my freshman year I took a broad range of courses including history, chemistry, and anthropology, and I was surrounded by a diverse group of fellow students.  I enrolled in a course called Natural Resources Management in the Pacific Northwest.  This is a field which fits my interest in the outdoors, my background in science, and ability to work with others. Today I am glad I started at OSU where a broad spectrum of opportunities pointed me to a career path that suits me well.  I have been delighted by the education I have received at OSU and the field of Natural Resource Management is constantly evolving allowing me to be confronted with new challenges every day. Lectures from active professionals who are on the front lines of forestry, water resources, agriculture, and natural resources are frequent and are critical in allowing me to see classroom concepts in action and learn from others experiences.  Whether you come to OSU as an undecided major or you have defined goals, you will be provided with a quality education that will prepare you for the professional world.

Kelby Myers  -  Animal Science

I recently transferred to OSU from a community college near my hometown of Estacada, Oregon.  When I was in high school, I made a deal with my father that I couldn’t turn down.  He agreed to pay for my undergraduate education if I went to a community college for the first two years.  I decided to transfer to OSU to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian.  I was worried that I would miss the friendly professors and small class sizes of my previous school, but I was really impressed with the faculty here and felt at home right away.  I was amazed by all of the opportunities to get involved in clubs and organizations on campus.  I am so happy I made the decision to come to OSU to complete my B.S. degree and I hope that I can continue my journey here as a vet student.

Julie Neuschwander  -  General Agriculture

Growing up in rural Harney County, the thought of attending a big university in a big city was quite overwhelming, but I have known since I was in junior high that I wanted to attend OSU. I decided to go through the dual enrollment program with LBCC to ease the culture shock slowly.  Luckily I had my big sister here to help me get through the transition and great advisors and faculty with smiling faces.  After graduating from high school, I was burned out from extracurricular activities and I just wanted to focus on school. This plan didn’t last long because before my first term ended, I was in three different clubs.  Once again I was running around doing this and that and the other thing, but I found that I enjoyed it.  I learned that college is more exciting when you are involved, and membership in clubs gives you some variation so you don’t spend all your time studying.  I am so glad I got over my small town fears and attended OSU.

Kara Palacio  -  Environmental  Economics, Policy, and Management

Hello Beaver Nation!  I feel that since beginning my education at Oregon State University I have truly discovered who I am.  My passion for horses, agriculture and policy led me to pursue a degree at this wonderful university, and all the fantastic opportunities have truly hooked me.  Whether I am traveling with one of the over thirty clubs that the CAS has to offer, or working with faculty or promoting the university, there is always an opportunity for personal growth. In my first two years at Oregon State University I have developed significant relationships with fellow students, professors, and stakeholders.  I have further expanded my future career goals and gained hands-on experience.  I am genuinely grateful that my path has led me to this incredible institution.  Oregon State has been a wonderful place to sow my dream, cultivate my goals, and reap my destiny.

Danielle Peters  -  Agricultural Business Management

I began my college education at LBCC in Albany, Oregon.  After a year and a half there, it was time to move on to a university.  Both of my parents graduated from OSU and they encouraged me to enroll as well. Moving from a community college to OSU has been a rather smooth transition.  Everyone from advisors to professors has been very helpful.  As I work towards my Agricultural Business Management degree, I am consistently given opportunities to go beyond the classroom and get hands-on experience.  I am confident that the College of Agricultural Science was the right choice for me.

Ashley Ritchie  -  Crop and Soil Science

I transferred to OSU from a community college in Roseburg, Oregon.  I was especially attracted to the College of Agricultural Sciences at OSU because I knew that I would receive a quality education and have many opportunities to become involved in academic and extracurricular activities.  Attending OSU was one of the best choices that I could have made for my education.  I have common interests with other students in CAS, the most obvious being that we all love agriculture.  The various activities in which I am involved have helped me to improve my professionalism and my leadership and communication skills.  In addition, I have benefitted from the small classes and the dedication of the faculty to the students by succeeding academically, understanding what is expected of me as a student and doing my best to achieve my goals.  I am proud to be an OSU student and to represent the school as an Ambassador.

Claire Rogan - Pre Forest/Civil Engineering

I moved here from West Virginia to pursue a dual-degree in forest and civil engineering at one of the best forestry schools in the nation.  I knew that it would be hard being away from family and friends, but the College of Forestry at OSU has served as a second family for me.  The Honors College and COF have provided a more intimate environment within the larger university.  After my first two terms I knew that it was the right choice for me.  There are a multitude of extracurricular activities to get involved in, from intramural sports to Engineers Without Borders.  From classes to working on the student logging crew, I have had the opportunity to delve into my future career, getting a hands-on experience.  The College of Forestry is my home and I am more than proud to represent it as an Ambassador.

Melissa Stone  -  Pre Forest/Civil Engineering

After spending a year living at home while attending the University of Oregon, I transferred to OSU to pursue a major in Forest and Civil Engineering.  It was the best decision of my life.  Go Beavs!  I love the College of Forestry for its small school atmosphere and tight knit community among the professors and students.  I find it comforting to know all of my professors and fellow students; the best part is that they know who I am as well.  The community atmosphere has allowed me to branch out and join in activities that I find enjoyable while developing necessary skills such as leadership and communication.  As a student in the COF, I have fulfilled my dreams and they are becoming a reality.  The opportunities provided by OSU and the COF will provide me with a lucrative career and I am confident that the friends I have made during this journey will be with me long after I complete my college education.

Anna Willard  -  Animal Science

When I graduated from Bonanza High School in a class of 38 students, I thought that the size of OSU was going to be a shock to my system.  For a while, it was slightly overwhelming, but once I decided to get involved and started meeting people within the College of Agricultural Sciences, I realized that being a student at OSU is surprisingly similar to being in a community where everybody knows everyone else.  After 2 years as a student I have developed good relationships with many faculty, whom I consider a pleasure to work with.  Whether I am meeting with my advisor, serving as student worker for the Dean of CAS, or as a milker at the dairy, the faculty and staff are all friendly and willing to offer a helping hand.  These are the types of relationships and experiences that I had in Bonanza and I never thought that I would have similar experiences at such a large school.  Everyone here continues to prove that being on my own in college is a misconception.  The fact that I am able to work with all of the wonderful students and staff here at Oregon State gives me the confidence that I need to be successful after graduation.