2009-2010 Ambassadors

Sara AkinsSara Akins

Junior, Estacada, Oregon
Fisheries and Wildlife Science

I grew up in Estacada, Oregon where the wilderness is very accessible, so naturally I spent a lot of my free time in the forest. Backpacking, hiking and exploring were - and still are - some of my favorite things to do. Through these early experiences, I developed a great appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife.   While attending Mount Hood Community College after high school, I learned about the Fisheries and Wildlife Department at Oregon State University and knew that was where I belonged. After just a few weeks of attending classes at OSU, I realized what a fantastic University it is, with close-knit departments, caring advisors and a dynamic student body.  I became more involved in the CAS by joining the Fisheries and Wildlife Club, Alpha Zeta, and becoming an Ambassador. These activities have given me lasting memories and skills that I will utilize in my future career.

Heather Bennett

Heather BennetSophomore, Willamina, Oregon
General Agriculture

My most vivid memory of Oregon State University goes back to my freshman year of high school. I was standing on a stage in OSU's Milam Hall reciting the Creed at the Oregon FFA State Convention.  That convention was an epic experience in my life, and I remember vividly walking the flower and tree-lined sidewalks of campus and thinking that I wanted to be a student at that university some day.  Not only did I love the campus, but OSU had all the resources I needed to reach my future goals. Ever since high school I have wanted to be a high school agricultural teacher. I have a passion for teaching and helping others, and a desire to stay connected to the agriculture industry. After graduating from high school and starting my journey through higher education, Oregon State and the College of Agricultural Sciences welcomed me with open arms, and provided a plethora of ways to become involved on campus and in the Corvallis community. Now that I have been chosen to serve on the College of Agricultural Sciences Ambassador team, I will enjoy sharing my enthusiasm about the college and university with incoming students, and will surely learn more about the institution and myself along the way. 

Marshall Delimont

Marhall DelimontSophomore, North Bend, Oregon
Forest and Civil Engineering

My father was a professional forester and therefore it was natural that I spent a lot of time in the forest. I learned to love the hard working, outdoor lifestyle that came with forestry and determined that it was going to be my future career. When I began to seriously consider a university, I wanted to find a career path that would also employ my new-found passion for mathematics and physics. When I looked at Oregon State University's College of Forestry, I found their very unique forest engineering/civil engineering dual degree program and knew it was the perfect fit. Since beginning my coursework here at OSU, I've felt that I am a part of a close-knit community. The professors are very supportive, and as you attend classes you will encounter many familiar faces. I am very proud to be a part of the nation's premier forestry college and am even more proud to be a part of such a rigorous program within the college. With the knowledge and experience I gain here, I hope to help make forestry an enduring and prosperous industry. I look forward to representing the College of Forestry as an Ambassador and hope to make many life-long friends and gain knowledge from everyone I meet.

Garrett Duyck

Garrett DuyckFreshman, Dundee, Oregon
Natural Resources

Beavers are well known for two things: trees and being superior to ducks. As a College of Forestry student, I have learned much about both of these matters. As a native to Oregon and a resident of the blink-of-an-eye town of Dundee; Oregon State was not far to venture for higher education. Nonetheless, its lack of distance from home did not take away from the sheer opportunity it holds as a university. Many characteristics of Oregon State, including the diverse student body and abundance of student leadership possibilities, cannot be found at similar but smaller campuses. The Forestry and Agricultural Sciences programs here are among the finest in the nation, and since it is in my own backyard, that's something to be proud of. My love for agriculture and forestry, and the excellent career potential in both fields made Oregon State a clear-cut (no pun intended) option for my college education. After all, who wouldn't want to be a beaver?

Russell Griffith

Russell GriffithSenior, Merrill, Oregon
General Agriculture

During my senior year of high school, I decided that I wanted to become a high school agriculture teacher, however, as a small town resident, I did not think I was ready for a large university. I spent two years at Linn Benton Community College before transferring to the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University. Transferring from community college was a great way for me to ease into college life and it was nice to have the small class sizes in Albany before coming to the larger campus of OSU. However, I was still nervous my first day of class at Oregon State, because a common perception of large universities is that an individual student can get lost in the masses. This is not the case In the College of Agricultural Sciences.

The faculty is excellent; they care about the individual student and make everyone feel welcome. OSU provides a small community atmosphere in which students know their professors and advisors on a first name basis. My experience at Oregon State University has helped me grow in many ways and when I graduate I will have developed the skills I need to excel in the future.

Andrew Hartenstein

Andrew HartensteinJunior, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Animal Sciences and Agricultural Business Management

I was raised on dairies and cattle ranches and developed a deeply rooted passion for agriculture as a result of being immersed in diversified farming operations. I am a graduate of Henley High School located in Klamath Falls, Oregon.   During my junior year of high school I chose Oregon State University because of its agricultural programs. Not only could OSU offer me a top quality education through the College of Agriculture Sciences, but its location would still allow me to enjoy my hobbies: hunting, fishing, and riding motorcycles. Through the College of Animal Sciences, I have been able to pursue my interest in the cattle industry and work on my dream of one day owning my own purebred cattle and alfalfa hay ranch. I am pleased to be selected to serve in the Ambassador program and I hope to enhance my communication skills, knowledge of agriculture, and ultimately have a positive impact on the college and students. 

Henry Heiser

Henry HeiserSophomore, Dayton, Oregon
Crop and Soil Science

I attended high school in Dayton and grew up on my family's small farm on Grand Island where our October pumpkin patch entertainment is a big event. I was determined to attend Oregon State when I was young because I had older cousins attending OSU and I enjoyed visiting them in Corvallis. Once I got older and started to look at colleges, it was an easy decision. I chose Crop and Soil Science as a major because it combines my love of farming, agriculture and science. Now that I am in Corvallis, I have tried to become as involved as possible to get the most from my four years at OSU. I was pleased to become the President of the Alpha Gamma Rho Agricultural Fraternity, and I also serve as historian for the Young Cattlemen's Association. In addition to those two leadership positions, I am also a voting delegate on the Agricultural Executive Council and The Inter-Fraternal Council. I have much appreciated the networks and connections I have made through the different clubs and organizations at OSU. I feel that a degree from OSU will provide me the skills necessary to help my family's operation grow into a successful and sustainable business. I also hope to manage my uncle's blueberry enterprise.  My participation in the Ambassador program will provide me with many leadership and communication skills and I look forward to meeting new people and representing the university and the College of Agricultural Sciences to potential students and alumni. My experience in the Ambassador program and my active involvement in university activities will enable me to become a well-rounded person who will contribute to the betterment of agriculture for future generations.

Karie Hoffman

Kari Hoffman

Kristin Hogan

Kristin HoganJunior, Tillamook, Oregon
Animal Sciences and General Agriculture

Growing up in Tillamook County on our family dairy farm, Misty Meadow Dairy, has allowed me to develop my love and passion for the dairy industry.  I was extremely active in 4-H and FFA when I was in high school, which brought me to Oregon State University to compete and participate in several different events.  Year after year I came back to visit the campus and my sister as she progressed through the College of Agriculture Sciences.  My early experiences convinced me that OSU was the right university for me.  I love all of the different leadership activities and groups a student can become involved with.  There are classes, clubs and activities to suit every interest, and these opportunities are worth taking advantage of.  I firmly believe that I can learn and gain as much from my experiences outside of the classroom as I can inside the classroom.  My dream is to have my own show barn filled with quality Jersey cows that are genetically superior and can be marketed and shown across the country.  My education at OSU will help prepare me with the knowledge, skills and experiences I need to become successful in the dairy industry. I am excited to put the knowledge and tools I have gained from OSU to use in achieving my life goals.

Meaghan Luchau

Meaghan LuchauSophomore, Des Moines, Washington
Recreation Resource Management

My experience with the college application process was quite the adventure for me; in essence it could be compared to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. While looking at schools in Washington and other states, they were either too big or too small, too far away from home or too close. Oregon State was that "just right" school. Corvallis, Oregon and OSU offer a small town feel, a vital connection between the community, students and faculty, but additionally the perks of a Pac-10 school: the satisfaction of our school beating the University of Washington in football, and a convenient location which allows easy access to the city or the beach.  I discovered my niche in the College of Forestry's Recreation Resource Management Program. I get to combine my interest in tourism and hospitality with my passion for the outdoors in a unique curriculum, and interact with students and faculty who share my own fervor and fascination.   The Ambassador program allows me to share that enthusiasm for my major and my college as well as my love for OSU as a whole. I hope to encourage future students to make the most of their experiences and not feel guilty for changing majors in search of what they really want to accomplish on their educational and professional paths.

Lauren Lucht

Lauren LuchtJunior, Molalla, Oregon
General Agriculture, Communication

From the time I was a child, my parents encouraged me to attend Oregon State University, which is their alma mater. In my senior year, I made a visit to OSU and was enchanted by the manicured landscapes and impressive buildings on campus. When I explored deeper into the programs and faculty that OSU had to offer, I knew that I was home. With its numerous opportunities for leadership, involvement, education, and hands on experience, OSU has proved itself to serve me and the community to an impressive degree. The Ambassador Program is just one example of the kinds of opportunities that OSU has available to the students who choose to pursue them. I plan to pursue a career in politics as it has been a dream of mine for years to represent and fight for agriculture in the national political arena. Following graduation, I would like to attend law school with a focus in Agricultural and Environmental Law. OSU has inspired me to follow my dreams and provided me with the tools to achieve them.

Jaci Smith

Jaci SmithJunior, Bend, Oregon
General Agriculture, Nutrition

While in high school, Oregon State University seemed like the most logical choice for my college education. Although I was uncertain about my future career goals, I knew I wanted to be involved in the promotion of the agriculture industry. OSU offered the diversity of majors and options, the variety of research projects, and the financial support that I was looking for. I have been able to experiment with classes, talk with students and teachers, and gain focus and maturity to develop a school and career plan. My college experiences have motivated me to pursue a career in the improvement of public nutrition through agriculture and food policies. I hope to work with agricultural commodity commissions as well as the USDA among other driving forces that are creating food and agriculture policy. During my time at OSU I have been able to fully immerse myself in working with industry professionals, trying my own public health projects, and learning from professors who really care about my education. I am convinced that the Ambassador Program will allow me to work with other students in finding a field that they are just as passionate about, and introducing those students to the amazing amount of opportunities that will further their knowledge and understanding of agriculture in today's world.

Erika Snow

Erika SnowSophomore , Sweet Home, Oregon
BioResource Research

I was raised in a small town and the thought of a big school was slightly intimidating but very intriguing. I was interested in attending a large school and after a visit from the OSU Ambassadors, my future seemed crystal clear. Since my first day, OSU has been a perfect fit for me both academically and socially, due in part to the friendly campus atmosphere. The staff is welcoming and cares about individual students, giving this big campus a small college feel. The students are friendly and warm to all. Considering my goal to attend medical school and become a pediatrician, the College of Agricultural Sciences may sound like an odd fit, but this college and my major offer me unique opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to me. I truly believe that being part of the BRR major will help me to obtain a variety of experiences that will enhance my personal and academic development and help me achieve my goal of entering the field of medicine. I hope that through my participation in the Ambassador Program I will be able to help prospective students become aware of the amazing and wonderful opportunities that are available through OSU.

Lindsay Vial

Lindsay VialJunior, Newberg, Oregon
Agricultural Business Management and General Agriculture

The decision to attend Oregon State University and major in an agricultural field came naturally to me. I was aware of the opportunities and possibilities awaiting me and I was excited to become a Beaver! It was only after diving into my college career that I realized there was much more to OSU than I ever expected.  Students are surrounded by enthusiastic, compassionate peers and faculty eager to help us grow and succeed.  There are many opportunities to help us determine our career paths and future after college. The College of Agricultural Sciences is made up of students and faculty who have a strong sense of community and there are vast amount of opportunities in each agricultural field. The friends and experiences that are gained in the College of Agricultural Science can only be found at OSU.

Danny Way

Danny WayFreshman, McMinnville, Oregon
Forest Engineering/Civil Engineering

When I am asked to describe my favorite thing about OSU, it is hard to come up with a single answer. The beautiful campus, the top-ranked forestry and engineering programs, and all of the great support from the faculty make OSU the outstanding university that it is. I chose to come to OSU because it is the only university that offers a dual degree program in Forest Engineering and Civil Engineering. At first I wasn't too sure that OSU was the place for me, but after a few short days of being here, I realized that it was right where I belonged. The College of Forestry does a great job making you feel welcome and the support system of advisors and faculty is outstanding. My exact career goals are not crystal clear at this point in time, however I know that I love to build things, which makes engineering an exciting and challenging choice for me. By serving as a student Ambassador, I hope to help future students feel as welcome as I did when I came to OSU. I also hope to gain leadership, time management, and public speaking skills by participating in this program.

Doug White

Doug WhiteJunior, Anza, California
Recreation Resource Management

Anza, named after the famous Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza, is a small town in southern California.  It is now home to the Cahuilla Native American Tribe reservation lands.  This region is where I developed my passion for the outdoors and dreamed of becoming a forest ranger. After high school I took a few years to serve my country and gain some valuable life experiences.  After several months of research, I decided on Oregon State University because the College of Forestry is one of the best in the nation. My desire is to one day become the Park Superintendent for Grand Canyon National Park. By laying the best possible foundation of education, I have no doubt that I will be able to accomplish this goal. The opportunities provided to me by OSU have been tremendous; the hands-on experiences and the insights I have gained in the classroom have given me the tools to succeed.  I am looking forward to further enhancing my skills through the Ambassador program, which will allow me to expand my network of contacts and put me in the best possible position to meet and converse with current managers, business owners, and park superintendents.