Current Ambassadors

2023-2024 Ambassadors

Sydney Bowne - Central Point, OR

2nd year majoring in Animal Sciences with a Biohealth/Pre-Professional Option.

I am a second year Animal Sciences major with a Biohealth/Pre-professional option. I am from the small town of Central Point located in Southern Oregon. I was very involved with my High School’s FFA chapter and that is where my love for agriculture and leadership really began. I knew that I wanted to have a career in veterinary medicine while advocating for agriculture, and the College of Agricultural Sciences at OSU was the perfect place to achieve my goals. In my short time here at OSU I have already had the opportunity to have multiple hands-on experiences pertaining to my major, meet so many new people with similar interests as me, and get involved in some of the many clubs offered within the college. I am excited to serve the College of Agricultural Sciences for the 2023-2024 school year! As an ambassador, I look forward to connecting and sharing my passion for agriculture with peers and prospective students in the College of Agricultural Sciences!

Dustin Cooper

I am currently a senior seeking a degree in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences. I grew up outside of San Antonio, Texas where I was constantly outside playing in nature.  This is where my appreciation and love for animals and ecosystems grew.  I live now in Great Falls, Montana. I am not a traditional student.  I have been seeking this degree for over a decade due to my work and family commitments.  I am a father of 4 and am currently serving the nation as an airman in the United States Air Force. Oregon State and specifically CAS has given me the opportunity to succeed as a parent, airmen, and student.

Brianna Coughlin - Portland, OR

3rd year majoring in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences.

I am currently in my third year as a Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Science major. I was born and raised in Portland Oregon, which is where I explored my passions of wildlife and leadership through various clubs and non-profits. I was heavily involved in 4-H, Oregon Zooteens and animal rescue agencies all throughout my youth. These activities helped me realize I wanted an education in conservation and I knew Oregon State University would be the perfect fit for me. Being at Oregon State has given me many valuable experiences through programs, undergrad research and clubs. One of those experiences includes my unforgettable trip abroad to Borneo focusing on palm oil sustainability and orangutan conservation offered through the college of forestry. As an ambassador I am excited to mentor incoming students and help them discover all of the possibilities the college of agriculture has to offer!

Elena Ferraiuolo – Elk Grove, CA

2nd year majoring in Agriculture and Food Business Management and enrolled in the Sustainability double-degree program.

My hometown is Elk Grove, California located in the heart of the Sacramento valley. This region of California is known for its focus and celebration of the farm to fork movement. I’ve grown up using locally sourced food in my cooking and have seen vibrant farmers markets, restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops use and appreciate sustainable agriculture and food products. This inspired me to want to learn more about sustainable agriculture and the importance of supporting farmers and supporting our environment. When I started at OSU, I became a part of the mentoring program within the college of Agricultural Sciences. This program connected me with other students and faculty members who are passionate about the future of agriculture. As a student at OSU, I’ve played multiple intramural sports, joined our Leadership Academy, and have been a part of several clubs which have all helped me connect with even more people and has made OSU feel like home.

I look forward to helping students discover all of the opportunities available within the College of Agricultural Sciences and discover how OSU can help them find their passion.

Zachary Kowash - Klamath Falls, OR

Current 2nd year (3rd year in 2023-2024) majoring in BioResource Research with an option in Toxicology and minors in Chemistry, Toxicology, and Environmental and Occupational Health

Growing up in southern Oregon, agriculture surrounded me and was a part of my life as far back as I remember. In high school, I was involved in FFA with a focus on leadership and leadership development, and the experiences I had as a member of the FFA lead me to develop a love of agriculture and the sciences surrounding it, and lead me to incorporate agriculture into my college experience. I had always intended to pursue medicine in my collegiate career and decided to look into if I could integrate agriculture into my education. Blending courses on agriculture and medicine seem difficult at a glance, but being a student in the College of Agricultural Sciences has afforded me the opportunity to pursue both my interests easily. I have been fortunate enough to engage in opportunities in and out of the College of Agricultural Sciences in my short time at Oregon State, such as joining a fraternity and consequently holding a position on the Interfraternity Council, performing research in the College of Agricultural Sciences in the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology and in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, and participating in leadership development opportunities through the College of Agricultural Sciences Leadership Academy. As a CAS ambassador, I am most looking forward to sharing my journey through college with prospective students, and opening eyes to all the opportunities Oregon State has to offer, and helping new students feel at home at Oregon State!

Bri Rimmey - Ferndale, CA

4th year majoring in Agricultural Food Business Management with a minor in Agriculture Science and Natural Resources Communications.

I am currently a senior and my major is Agricultural Food Business Management with a minor in Agriculture Science and Natural Resources Communications. I am from Ferndale, CA where I grew up on my family’s cattle and timber ranch and was heavily involved in FFA competing on several teams and raising Market Animals for the fair. After High School I attended my local community college where I earned a degree in plant science, I then transferred to OSU to earn a bachelor's degree. During my time at OSU I have joined many clubs such as Steer A Year, Collegiate Farm Bureau, and Sigma Alpha in which I was recently elected Recruitment Chair for next school year. I am more than excited to show off our school and agriculture program to prospective students this year!

Georgia Rojas - Eagle Point, OR

5th year majoring in Animal Sciences and Sustainability.

Living in a rural community for the majority of my youth, regularly exposed to livestock and wildlife systems, pursuing a degree through the College of Agricultural Sciences was inevitable. Coupled with my love for animals, I was drawn into the field by its hands-on nature.

Despite being online for so long, the opportunities provided by the College of Agricultural Science will continue to impact my life. Besides the freedom to explore clubs beyond my field of interest, I was able to learn about the Sustainability Double Degree program, a conglomerate of different scientific disciplines used to explain how the world works and what we can do to create a better future.

As the College of Agricultural Sciences ambassador for the 2023-2024 academic year, my mission is to help prospective and current students take advantage of the College's vast opportunities. Super excited to meet everyone! Go Beavs!