2022-2023 Ambassadors

2022-2023 Ambassadors

Kim Casella – Pittsburgh, PA

3rd year majoring in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences

Before transferring to OSU Ecampus in Fall 2020, I was majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Pittsburgh. I currently reside in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and I decided I wanted to work with wildlife in field research so I made the decision to transfer to OSU since I could tailor my degree to wildlife genetics and disease while also focusing on field research. Since transferring, I have been involved in several clubs including the Wildlife Conservation Club. I have worked on and presented research on life after cancer and have met some incredible people I am proud to call my friends.

I am looking forward to welcoming students and helping them find their home at OSU. I cannot wait to connect students with the endless opportunities here and watch them excel and learn from each other!

Gerard Fox – Salt Lake City, UT

4th year Ecampus student majoring in Crop and Soil Science with an option in Soil Science

I grew up in Salt Lake City where I learned early on that I enjoyed being an advocate and educator.  However, I was never exposed to environmental science in a serious way until I moved to Washington where everyone seemed to know about it!  I quickly fell in love with the natural world and became passionate about protecting the environment.  At my first college in Washington, I became the Greenhouse Manager and Garden Club president.  There I found my niche was going to be in soil.  When I transferred to OSU as a sophomore, I was able to further explore that interest through classwork and amazing conversations with professors who love it just as much as I do.  My long-term goal is to further my education at OSU and someday become a professor of soil science so that I can educate passionate people about the amazing world that lives beneath our feet.  Being able to connect with professors in a meaningful way not just in the crop and soil science department, but throughout CAS as a whole has helped me focus on what direction I want to go in academically.  As an ambassador, I look forward to helping connect people to their passions in their academic journeys while also representing the LGBTQ+ and disabled communities.  I hope to also help members of these underrepresented communities navigate academia and college life at OSU from wherever they may live!

Keegan Gibbs – Heppner, OR

4th year majoring in Agricultural and Food Business Management with a minor in Leadership.

I grew up in Eastern Oregon in a town called Heppner. I was very involved in agriculture, 4-H, and FFA. I originally came to Oregon State to study Agricultural Sciences to get a master’s in education to teach Agriculture and be an FFA advisor. Once attending a few economic classes I fell in love with the subject and changed my major. I hope to attain my masters through Oregon State in Applied Economics.   In the two years I have been at Oregon State I have been in intermural sports, Leadership Academy, Academic Quiz Bowl, and Steer-A-Year. As an ambassador I look forward to connecting with a diverse group of people throughout the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Nat Godwin – Corvallis, OR

3rd year majoring in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences and enrolled in the Geographic Information System (GIS) certificate program.

Being born and raised in Corvallis, I was introduced to several volunteering positions from a young age. I grew up around animals, so I found fulfillment in donating my time to pet shelters, wildlife facilities, and ODFW events often. During these moments, I learned the value of strong leadership and hard work. These experiences led me to the College of Agricultural Sciences at OSU, where I found opportunities such as the Ambassador Program to assist in outreach and team building at the student level.

Although I have only been at the College of Agricultural Sciences for a short time, I have never felt more at home in an academic setting – there are countless opportunities to get involved, friendly peers, and helpful staff in every building. I love partaking in activities in the Fish & Wildlife Club, getting involved in organizations like The Wildlife Society or the American Fisheries Society, and finding classmates who also love volunteering as much as I do.

As an ambassador, my goal is to be as supportive as I can for current and incoming students that are in pursuit of a career where they can feel fulfilled, successful, and independent in their work. There is so much to learn here, and with every opportunity there are more doors to open – come check it out, and as always, Go Beavs!

Galen Moll – Eugene, OR

3rd year majoring in Food Science and Technology with a minor in Chemistry

I learned to appreciate food and fell in love with the process of cooking when I was young, and my high school provided me with many opportunities to develop my passion for food and science. My high school AP Chemistry class prepared me well for the path I wanted to go into, and I knew alumni from my high school who referred me to OSU’s food science program.

At OSU, I have participated in the College of Agricultural Sciences Leadership Academy and have worked for the Global Community Kitchen, both of which have helped me learn about various perspectives on academics, personal development, and culture. I am also a member of the Men’s Ultimate Disc Club, which has given me a sense of belonging and gives me an outlet for my competitive self. As an Honors College student, I also have the opportunities to work on passions related to my major through research and scholarship.

I hope to continue to learn from and contribute to the people around me as a College of Agricultural Sciences ambassador. My goal is to give back to the school that has provided me with rich learning experiences by showing future students the amazing and numerous opportunities available to them through the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Chloe Riley – Clovis, CA

3rd Year majoring in Agricultural and Food Business Management with a minor in Sustainability.

I was heavily involved in 4-H since I was in the third grade and enjoyed showing rabbits and lambs. My family grows almonds and oranges on their ranch which has inspired me to work in the Agricultural Business sector.

Being offered scholarship opportunities through the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) and the opportunity to explore a different state on the west coast brought me to OSU.  I also immediately feel in love with all of the classes and activities offered in the College of Agricultural Sciences.  I have had many opportunities to get involved including my current position as social chair and second vice president of the OSU Sigma Alpha chapter.  I also currently work as an Office Manager Assistant in Ballard Extension Hall for the Applied Economics Department where I get to interact with faculty and staff in my department on a regular basis.

I am so excited to represent the College of Agricultural Sciences for the 2022-2023 school year. I am thrilled to share my agricultural knowledge with prospective and current students and welcome them into this thriving College. Go Beavs!

Hope Stansell – North Plains, OR

4th year majoring in Agricultural Sciences with minors in Animal Sciences and Agricultural Education

I became involved in 4-H at a very young age and always enjoyed being a part of the agricultural community. It wasn't until my junior year in high school when I became involved in FFA that I realized I could turn this passion into a career. I had many different interests in agriculture and wanted to learn everything I could, and OSU was the perfect place for me to do this.

At OSU I have sought after any opportunity I have been given to further my experiences. I am the Vice President of Sigma Alpha this year and served last year as the chapter’s recruitment chair.

I am also a member of the Agricultural Education Club, as well as botany club. I have volunteered with lambing crew for multiple years and have had the wonderful experience of being in the Leadership Academy.

I am honored and excited to serve as an ambassador for the College of Agricultural Sciences this next year! I can't wait to let my passion shine through while educating others about this amazing college as well as continuing to have valuable experiences to fuel my passion!

Hanna VanDeWalle – Carlton, OR

3rd year majoring in Agricultural Sciences with a minor in Agricultural Education

I have experienced the agricultural industry from a young age growing up in a rural area of the Willamette Valley here in Oregon.  Being an active member of the FFA for 6 years and serving in leadership positions led me, as a sophomore in high school, to work for a custom baling business. These early experiences coupled with the fact that my Dad is a College of Agricultural Sciences Alumni made choosing OSU feel like a natural decision for me.  

Oregon State gave me the opportunity to get involved in many different organizations on campus. I am the Secretary of Sigma Alpha agricultural sorority and a member of Steer-A-Year. Additionally, I am an Education Resources Intern for Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom. These experiences have allowed me to develop professional skills and knowledge that will follow me into my future.

I look forward to serving as an ambassador for the College of Agricultural Sciences for the 2022-2023 school year. I am excited to help future students find their home here at OSU!