The goal of these fellowships is to encourage students to pursue careers as practitioners of transportation economics in industry, government and academic settings. Two kinds of Furman Transportation Fellowships have been established at Oregon State University.

The Joyce Furman Fellowship in Transportation Economics is a "seed" money fellowship designed to give students the opportunity to explore an issue in transportation economics and write a paper that could become part of a master's or Ph.D. thesis. This fellowship may be given in addition to a regular GTA appointment.

The William and Joyce Furman Fellowship in Transportation Economics is a $15,000-$20,000 fellowship designed to fully support a graduate student working on a thesis or dissertation that has a significant transportation economics content. These fellowships are usually accompanied by a tuition fee remission from the graduate school.

Interested students should contact Professor B. Starr McMullen, Furman Fellowship Administrator, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 213 Ballard Extension Hall, Oregon State University, Corvallis Oregon 97331-3601; email at; or phone 541-737-1480.