"The land and sky of the Willamette Valley have fascinated me for over 30 years, since I first came to Oregon.  I'm a visual ‘pig' at all times, never getting enough of looking around me at things, places and people.  Never is this urge stronger than when I'm traveling in the countryside here, soaking up the always changing and unfolding agricultural richness of my adopted home.  I'm honored that my vision of this have been included in this exhibit, but the real honor is the gift I was given of recording these wonderful places and events.

"I've been making these panoramas views for about four years.  I have always been intrigued by the panoramic views format, and with the advent of digital imaging the process has become very fluid and controllable.  In addition to the series of views of agricultural subjects, I have a series relating to celebrations and gatherings, one centering on urban views and a bunch, which defy categorization.

"Many people ask about the technique for producing these views.  Simply put, it works like this:

"At the scene, a series of 6-12 pictures are taken which overlap each other and together form a complete circle. Currently, I am using a digital camera, which means that I can import them directly into a computer without further scanning.

"In the computer, I use a variety of software programs to merge and blend the images.  A lot of time is spent making sure the color, brightness and contrast match across the panorama formed by the individual images. I will also utilize multiple exposures of the same image segment, but which have different content ( i.e. new people or things move into the scene), borrowing from one and overlaying the other, until I have the content balanced and expressive of the impact of the event.

"When the overall view is blended and corrected, I print the final image on a digital Inkjet printer using archival inks and papers to assure a lasting image."


Filbert Orchard at Sunrise
Digital Panorama Photograph
3.75" x 38"
Edition Photographs: $400
2001 Palisch Homes Purchase Award, Scott Houck