The College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University, has organized an art exhibition of collages from its Art About Agriculture permanent collection. The show includes works of art by Jan Boles, Caldwell, Idaho; Jody Dunphy, Eugene; Priscilla Hanson, Ajo, Arizona; Prescott Lewis, Ashland; the late Marjorie McDonald (1898-1995); the late Phyllis O'Gara Currens (1953-2009); Robert Schlegel, Banks; Beverly Soasey, Eugene; Janice Staver, The Dalles; and Charles True, Silverton.

The term collage is derived from French, coller: to glue. Collage techniques are currently popular among artists such as Jennifer Bartlett, Kara Walker, Terri L. Warpinski, and many others artists who work in collage, and closely related, three-dimensional assemblage. Several mid twentieth-century painters popularized collage by using the technique to add materials and textures to their paintings. A few of these artists who pioneered and championed collage as a fine art include Joseph Cornell, Lee Krasner, Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg, and Anne Ryan.

It is a privilege to present these authentic, original collages in the Oregon State University Center for the Humanities. In 1983 the OSU College of Agricultural Sciences began acquiring works of art for the Art About Agriculture permanent collection. The art is selected by peer review and purchased for the collection from funds contributed by generous patrons who support the program and the recognition of regional artists. The exhibition is on display during the 2010 winter term for all to enjoy.