"For the past 20 years my work has involved an exploration of the panoramic format (in my case, mostly sequential black and white photographic images presented as montages, although recently the digital color image has become too appealing to ignore). 

"I have been applying this image making approach to subject matter in the landscape. What appeals to me is evidence of both changes as attempted by mankind and recovery as attempted by natural processes.

"Because these images are constructed from more than one exposure, they are not "instantaneous" in the usual photographic sense. For me, this provides an added twist to the illusory capacity of the still photograph."


Center Pivot at Polo Cove
Photograph: Digital
6.5" x 36.5"
Edition photographs: $500
2007 F.E. Clark Northwest Environmental Award


Near Wilder, Jan. 1992
Gelatin Silver Photographs, toned with selenium
5.25" x 42"
Not for Sale
1997 Kaseberg Family Purchase Award, Larry and Sherry Kaseberg