"These images represent a synthesis of my childhood experience, traveling the roads of the American West, and my interests regarding human relationships with the land. As my three siblings read magazines and played games to pass the time away, driving in our mid-70's Ford station wagon, my gaze was drawn towards the grain silos, combines, and brightly colored billboards that floated by as if on water. As the official "daydreamer" of the family, I was transfixed by the infinite rows of plowed fields and the towering electrical transmission lines that marched across the landscape. To this day I am still struck and amazed by the human signature wherever I go, and increasingly share contemporary concerns regarding our impact on the natural world.

"Relying more on my personal visual experience than the defined space of a camera's viewfinder, I strive to duplicate the way my eyes look at the world. To accomplish this, I photograph the scenes using a hand held camera with a shallow depth of field setting, no tri-pods or grid patters, staying as true as possible to the fluid reality of human vision. This intuitive approach has allowed me to create a bridge between the innocent wandering eyes of my childhood and my passion for capturing the same world with intent."


Gunnin' for Idaho
Hand printed and assembled photographs
21" x 35"
Edition montages: $650
2009 Betty Brose, and Larry and Sherry Kaseberg Awards