Pigment Ink Photograph
Edward Heath
Warm Springs, Oregon
9" x 12"
2017 OSU President, and Dean and Director, College of Agricultural Sciences and Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station purchase awards, sponsored by Edward Ray, Dan and Wand Arp, and the College of Agricultural Sciences.


"My name is Edward Heath, I am from the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in central Oregon. I work full time for the tribe as a forestry technician, I have been in this job position since the fall of 1992.

"My Photography Backgound is somewhat limited. Currently only doing as a hobby. I have been doing photography for about 3 and a half years. I do not specialize in any particular subjects. Mostly Simple roadside attractions I find interesting or things most local people tend to take for granted. 

"To my surprise people in the local art community have grown to appreciate the photos I take. In the 3 short years I have been doing this I have been featured in 4 local art shows. The first having a month spotlight feature at the Museum at Warm Springs. Shortly after, the Art Adventure gallery allowed me to have 2 month long feature galleries within 6 months of each other. Lastly I was asked to display photos at a local equine film festival at the Madras Performing Art Center.

  "As for my ties to the agricultural community, I was raised on a working family ranch along the east boundary of our reservation. Spending most of the summer months herding and working cattle in the mountains. Throughout those months we would also spend time helping various families gather and work horses and cows in other range districts. We also had small acreages of dryland farm where we would spend the spring months prepping the fields for our summer crops of whole oats and barley, feeding these out to our string of racehorses before taking them out on the local bushtrack race circuit.

"Thank you for the opportunity to be displayed in your art show."

Edward McBride Heath