From Ashes, Water

Charcoal on paper
Lauren Ohlgren
Crops and Soil Sciences, Crop Science Building hallway
36” x 28”
2021 Roy D. Nielsen and Betty Brose Art About Agriculture Purchase Awards, sponsored by William Cook and Gwil Evans, Betty Brose, and the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Artist Statement:

      "Running deep below our feet as we traverse the vast, stark, and unwelcoming lava fields of the high Cascades; are the aquifers; the collectors of water, rich with minerals and nutrients, that filter down from snowmelt and rain to feed our rivers.

      "Where little can grow on the land built by volcanoes, they become the givers of life for the rich, fertile Willamette Valley.

      "The medium and the subject were both born of heat. Charcoal allows for the subtle play of shadow and light for this seemingly bleak but dynamic landscape. The image evolves over successive repetitions of adding and subtracting charcoal from the cotton fibers. The mood, energy, and atmosphere change with every mark placed, or removed.

      "I love exploring the nooks and crannies of the Oregon wilderness and live in Corvallis, Oregon. I’ve been teaching travel journaling, charcoal, urban sketching, and book arts for over 14 years. I have a strong penchant for creating art communities and getting others to play. “

                        Lauren Ohlgren, 2021