Farmer's Market Artichoke Blossom

Farmer's Market Artichoke Blossom
Mixed media
Shobha Jetmalani
Vault, 248 Strand Hall, OSU Corvallis, OR
26.5” x 20.5”
2023 Betty Brose Art About Agriculture Purchase Award

Artist Statement:

      "I enjoy the mix of realism with abstraction. I work in fluid mediums that leave a visible path of my brushstroke. I work both plein air and in the studio. I start with observations, I use the people, landscapes, fields, orchards and gardens around the Portland metro area as my inspiration. My process begins with loose brush sketches with thinned paint. As I paint, I often cover areas in multiple layers and allow remnants of underlayers to show through. At times I use collage with my mother’s vintage saris, handmade papers and glazes to add visual richness and depth to my work. I spend time engaged in the selection of side-by-side colors and shapes. I create paths of light to reveal, connect and move the viewer through each piece. My technique involves creating edges, smudging and repeating until the balance feels right. It is often a surprise move that makes the image come alive. I try not to miss or overwork this.

      "Born in India and raised in Oregon, I come from a culturally mixed background and find an inclusive and anchoring space in nature. I often include natural beauty in my work as a connecting pathway for myself and the viewer. As a physician, I have seen firsthand the power and strength that comes out of human connection. This has been a direct and fundamental source for my expression in art. It is the power and beauty of this connection we need. For me, art provides a place to connect and lift. We all have shared responses to color, pattern, and stories that are worth building. Art is a platform to reach out, to communicate and to challenge.

      "These artichoke blossoms came from the Portland Farmer’s market in autumn. There are several farms who grow these regularly and I look forward to them appearing every year. Their color and pattern are exquisite. I started this painting with acrylic paint and then layered with oil paint and oil sticks in increase the depth and texture of the piece.

                        Shobha Jetmalani, 2023