Award Winners Registry: College of Agricultural Sciences Award for Excellence in Extension Education

1994 Russell S. Karow Crop and Soil Science
1995 Phillip B. Hamm Botany and Plant Pathology, Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center
1996 Mark Mellbye Linn County Extension
1997 Myron D. Shenk Integrated Plant Protection Center
1998 Gale Gingrich Marion County Extension
1999 Ronald Hathaway Animal Sciences
2000 Melodie L. Putnam Botany and Plant Pathology
2001 Ben Simko Crop and Soil Science
2002 Paul Heimowitz Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
2004 Marvin Butler Crop and Soil Science
2005 Bernadine Strik Horticulture
2007 Samuel Chan Fisheries and Wildlife
2009 Weston Miller Horticulture
2010 Tim Deboodt Crook County Extension
2011 Bruce Sorte Agricultural Resource Economics, Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center
2012 Don Horneck Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Umatilla County Extension
2013 Steve Renquist Horticulture
2014 Lisbeth Goddick Food Science and Technology
2015 Guillermo Giannico Fisheries and Wildlife
2016 Gene Pirelli Animal and Rangeland Sciences
2017 Alec Kowalewski Horticulture
2018 Dustin Johnson Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center – Burns
2019-2020 Sergio Arispe Malheur County Extension Service, Animal and Rangeland Sciences
2021 Andony Melathopoulos Horticulture
2022 Jeremiah Dung Botany and Plant Pathology/Central Oregon Agricultural Research and Extension Center
2023 Tim Stock Horticulture
2024 Katie Wollstein Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Burns, Animal and Rangeland Sciences