Alec Kowalewski, Turfgrass Specialist, Associate Professor 

Brian McDonald, Turfgrass Research Assistant 

Emily Braithwaite, Turfgrass Research Assistant 

Clint Mattox, Graduate Assistant 

Alyssa, Graduate Assistant, 

Tom Cook, Turfgrass Specialist, Professor Emeritus 

Directory of Scientists

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Emily Braithwaite
Faculty Research Assistant
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Alec Kowalewski
Associate Professor, Turf Specialist
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The primary goal of my extension and outreach program, which is funded by the Giustina Turf Endowment, is improving the environmental and economic sustainability of turfgrass management.  Topics of interest related to this include, utilization of sustainable turfgrass varieties and cultivars,...

Brian Mc Donald
Senior Faculty Research Assistant I
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  • Annual bluegrass nutrition
  • Turfgrass diseases
  • Turfgrass weed control
  • Moss control on putting greens

Graduate Student Directory

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Clint Mattox
Graduate Student
Contact person by email Ph.D., Horticulture