Sweet Opportunity 

Oregon’s world-renowned berry industry adds over $140M to local economies, and there are more job openings in berry production than graduates to fill them. 

Online learning modules: Pruning and Training of Berries, Kiwifruit, and Grapes. These courses feature videos and lectures on year-round management of the major berry crops grown in Oregon.

Newly revised extension publications for growing berries in the home garden: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries

New extension publication for 2020: Nonlethal bird deterrent strategies

Oregon agricultural enterprise budgets for Conventional and Organic blueberry production in the Willamette Valley: Revised for 2020!


We search for ways to diversify crops, products, markets, and value-added enterprises to keep profits on the farm and in rural communities. Collaborative partnerships and interdisciplinary research with industry leaders, the USDA Northwest Center for Small Fruit Research (NCSFR), and the OSU- USDA Cooperative Berry Crop Breeding Program have benefited industries in the Pacific Northwest, the U.S., and the world.

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Credit Courses

Students learn berry production within the context of plant biology and genetics, soils, ecology, and economics with applications in plant nutrition, pest management, business, and marketing. Learning to manage real- world dilemmas with case studies, field trips, and internships encourages students to interact with growers, managers, field reps, and consultants. Student-run clubs provide opportunities for leadership and extracurricular activities.

HORT 251 Temperate Tree Fruit, Berries, Grapes, and Nuts

HORT 452 Berry and Grape Physiology and Culture

HORT 552 Berry and Grape Physiology and Culture

HORT 456 Physiology and Production of Berry Crops (Ecampus)

Non-Credit Courses

Learn from the world’s leading experts on plant growth and physiology, cultivars, and production systems to establish or improve your own blueberry farm.

Online Blueberry Physiology, Production Systems & Management

We are offering a new series of courses covering a variety of pruning methods and techniques for berries, kiwifruits and grapes. You can take any of these courses individually or take them all to become a pruning master!

Pruning and Training of Berries, Kiwifruit, and Grapes


Our research is used to create and update extension publications available at the OSU Extension Catalog. To access the berry crop publications, click on "Agriculture", then "Berries and Grapes."

We host 3 field days each year at the North Willamette Research & Extension Center in Aurora, OR to highlight our research and the work being done by others in the region, as well as to see and taste the latest advanced selections from the breeding program. Watch for announcements about future field days and events!