TitleThe Ecology and Management of Wood in World Rivers
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsGregory, S, Boyer, K, Gurnell, A

This book is the proceedings of the International Conference on Wood in World Rivers held in Corvallis, Oregon. The volume (1) synthesizes world knowledge about large wood in streams and rivers in relation to physical and ecological processes and stream restoration; (2) presents the status of knowledge of the physical dynamics and ecological interactions of large wood in streams and rivers in different geographical regions; (3) creates a framework for interpreting and potentially applying the results of research in different geographical regions and management systems; (4) identifies different management systems for large wood in rivers; (5) assesses physical and biological responses of large wood in stream restoration; and (6) explores links between primary information of the physical and ecological dynamics of large wood resource management systems, and the communities and cultures in which they are applied.