Gramene: development and integration of trait and gene ontologies for rice.

TitleGramene: development and integration of trait and gene ontologies for rice.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsJaiswal, P, Ware, D, Ni, J, Chang, K, Zhao, W, Schmidt, S, Pan, X, Clark, K, Teytelman, L, Cartinhour, S, Stein, L, McCouch, S
JournalComparative and functional genomics
Date Published2002

Gramene ( is a comparative genome database for cereal crops and a community resource for rice. We are populating and curating Gramene with annotated rice (Oryza sativa) genomic sequence data and associated biological information including molecular markers, mutants, phenotypes, polymorphisms and Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL). In order to support queries across various data sets as well as across external databases, Gramene will employ three related controlled vocabularies. The specific goal of Gramene is, first to provide a Trait Ontology (TO) that can be used across the cereal crops to facilitate phenotypic comparisons both within and between the genera. Second, a vocabulary for plant anatomy terms, the Plant Ontology (PO) will facilitate the curation of morphological and anatomical feature information with respect to expression, localization of genes and gene products and the affected plant parts in a phenotype. The TO and PO are both in the early stages of development in collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute, TAIR and MaizeDB as part of the Plant Ontology Consortium. Finally, as part of another consortium comprising macromolecular databases from other model organisms, the Gene Ontology Consortium, we are annotating the confirmed and predicted protein entries from rice using both electronic and manual curation.