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L. Chibwe, Geier, M. C., Nakamura, J., Tanguay, R., Aitken, M. D., and Simonich, S. L. Massey, Aerobic Bioremediation of PAH Contaminated Soil Results in Increased Genotoxicity and Developmental Toxicity, Environmental Science & Technology, vol. 49, no. 23, pp. 13889 - 13898, 2015.
G. Garcia, Bugel, S., Truong, L., Spagnoli, S., and Tanguay, R., “AHR2 required for normal behavioral responses and proper development of the skeletal and reproductive systems in zebrafish., 2018.
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J. G. Teeguarden, Tan, Y. - M., Edwards, S. W., Leonard, J. A., Anderson, K. A., Corley, R. A., Kile, M. L., Simonich, S. L. Massey, Stone, D., Tanguay, R., Waters, K. M., Harper, S. L., and Williams, D. E., Completing the Link between Exposure Science and Toxicology for Improved Environmental Health Decision Making: The Aggregate Exposure Pathway Framework, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016.
C. L. Madeira, Field, J. A., Simonich, M. T., Tanguay, R., Chorover, J., and Sierra-Alvarez, R., Ecotoxicity of the insensitive munitions compound 3-nitro-1,2,4-triazol-5-one (NTO) and its reduced metabolite 3-amino-1,2,4-triazol-5-one (ATO)., J Hazard Mater., 2018.
B. C. Goodale, La Du, J. K., Tilton, S. C., Sullivan, C. M., Bisson, W. H., Waters, K. M., and Tanguay, R., Ligand-specific transcriptional mechanisms underlie aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated developmental toxicity of oxygenated PAHs, Toxicological Sciences, p. kfv139, 2015.
C. V. Gerlach, Das, S. R., Volz, D. C., Bisson, W. H., Kolluri, S., and Tanguay, R., Mono-substituted isopropylated triaryl phosphate, a major component of Firemaster 550, is an AHR agonist that exhibits AHR-independent cardiotoxicity in zebrafish, Aquatic Toxicology, vol. 154, pp. 71–79, 2014.
A. Perkins, Phillips, J. Lynne, Kerkvliet, N. I., Tanguay, R., Perdew, G. H., Kolluri, S., and Bisson, W. H., A structural switch between agonist and antagonist bound conformations for a ligand-optimized model of the human aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand binding domain, Biology, vol. 3, pp. 645–669, 2014.
C. Olivares, Sierra-Alvarez, R., Abrell, L., Chorover, J., Simonich, M. T., Tanguay, R., and Field, J. A., Zebrafish embryo toxicity of anaerobic biotransformation products from the insensitive munitions compound 2, 4‐dinitroanisole, Environmental toxicology and chemistry, vol. 35, no. 11, 2016.