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What is the Bioenergy Minor?

The Bioenergy Minor is a research-based, interdisciplinary minor that provides an introduction to bioenergy concepts and issues. It also provides students with real-world research experience.

The coursework for the Bioenergy Minor includes an introduction to regional bioenergy and bioenergy technologies, core bioenergy concepts (such as sustainability and life-cycle analysis), research experience and professional skills.

Students choose elective courses from technical, environmental and social/economic/policy areas. Students also undertake a comprehensive, 10-credit, faculty-mentored research project of their choice during their junior and senior years.

The academic adviser for the Bioenergy Minor helps students identify and contact potential faculty mentors in their interest areas. The advisor also works with students to submit resumes, interview and finally select a faculty mentor. The faculty mentors guide students in writing a research proposal, performing the research and analyzing data. Collectively, the research project, thesis, and public seminar give students in the Bioenergy Minor program a level of professional preparation that makes them extremely competitive in the workplace or graduate school. 

Who is Eligible?

The Bioenergy Minor is open to students in ANY OSU MAJOR, including, but not limited to, agricultural sciences, engineering, forestry, environmental sciences, business, education and social science majors.

Why Should I Get a Minor in Bioenergy?

By earning a Bioenergy Minor, you can gain research and internship experience and professional skills. These real-world skills will give you a leg up as you enter the workforce, or go on to graduate school. Finally, with a minor in bioenergy, you will be able to pursue a career that contributes to long-term environmental and economic sustainability.

Are There Scholarships Available?

The Bioenergy Minor offers scholarships ranging from $1000 to $4000/year. (application)

The College of Agricultural Sciences has over 100 scholarships available that require one single application. (application)

Are there research projects for all majors? 

Yes. Each student in the Bioenergy Minor program pairs with a mentor whose research is interesting to the student. Mentors will suggest a project, or help the student develop one. Click here to see examples of actual research projects for a variety of majors.