COVID-19 Updates Regarding Travel:

College of Agricultural Sciences’ Covid 19 Travel Exception Request

CAS Guidelines for Field-based Travel: COVID-19 Pandemic

OSU Vendor List with purchasing process


Before you go:

Travel and Reimbursements - Presentation on how to do them

Travel Reminders - Directions for planning and Reservations

Travel Pre-authorization form

Foreign Travel Authorization Form

Azumano (You can book your flight and shuttle through Azumano.)

Per diem rates for food and hotel

Out of Country travel:

If you are traveling out of the United States and/or for longer than 30 days, you must register your trip with the Office of Risk Management.

When you return:

Travel Reimbursement Request Form

Rental Car and Motor Pool Information:

In-State Mileage

Motor Pool Reservation System

*Students are required to use Motor Vehicles for ground travel around Oregon to do work. Using a personal vehicle should be used only a last resort and requires pre-approval from advisor.

OSU has two options available for campus to direct bill car rentals:

  • The Enterprise Reservation Portal – Available through myOSU or OSU Travel webpage (NEW)
  • CIAzumano - Contracted Travel Management Company

When utilizing the Enterprise contract for one way vehicle rentals you will initially be charged a drop off fee which you MUST ask to be removed manually by the Enterprise Agent when you pick up your vehicle.

Enterprise reservation system: Under the "Employee" tab there is a link for Enterprise.

Personal Reimbursements

Receipt Reimbursement Form

You should always use a direct-pay location or a location that can be paid for with the department purchase card whenever possible. Reimbursements should be a last resort and kept under $100.