2013 Scholars

Clarisa Caballero is from Woodburn, Oregon and graduated from North Marion High School

Educational goals: My goal at OSU is to obtain my bachelors in BioResource Research with a minor in Spanish and options in toxicology, pre-nursing, and medical school. I am considering medical school, graduate school, and the Accelerated Nursing Program. In order for me to prepare myself I am taking classes that fulfill the requirements for all options. My goal is to narrow down which route I wish to continue.

Long-term goals: I have not decided what exactly I want to do after I graduate, but I do know I want to continue my education whether it’s attending graduate school, medical school, or nursing school. I would definitely love working in the medical field. I hope to find a career that fits my interest, but also enjoy my job.

Personal reflections:I came to OSU because I felt like there were many opportunities for me. Being Latina and first generation can be a challenge, but OSU supported me and allowed me to feel welcome, and important from the start. I had the opportunity to be in the Summer Bridge Program and College Assistant Migrant Program, which offered many resources, and informative workshops. These programs prepared me for what was to come before school even started. I love OSU and truly feel like I made the best choice.

V. Crystal Carillo  is from Ontario, Oregon, and came to OSU with the help of CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program).  She had been pursuing pre-nursing, but switched to BRR because she is excited by the idea of doing research, is a hands-on learner, and is considering graduate school instead of nursing.

Educational goals: I’d like to be an example for my community and my family, working towards graduating with a bachelor’s in BRR. I would like to get a better understanding and gaining experience in research. I’m currently considering graduate school but hoping that BRR can help narrow what direction I’d like to go in.   

Long-term goals: I’m hoping to become a nurse practitioner I would love to work with people and especially working with my Latino community. I hear stories about family not being able to communicate with the nurses and I see myself being the bridge.  

Personal reflections:  Going back to freshmen year I didn’t know what was in store for me but I also knew that I would give it my all, creating experiences and meeting life- long friends along the way. Going into my next year in OSU being a participant in the MSP program will give me the edge I need to get into the competitive world of healthcare. I hope to get a lot of hands on experience in research and projects that I will be able to take and implement into my future goals.  


Cathy Duong is from Portland and graduated from David Douglas High School

Educational goals:  In addition to a high GPA, I hope to graduate OSU by 2016 majoring in BRR with Toxicology option and Chemistry minor. I plan to conduct cancer research. In addition, I am considering studying abroad.

Long-term goals: My long term goal is to work in the medical field; currently, I plan to pursue a career in pharmacy.

Personal reflections:  I came to OSU because of the research opportunities available and the welcoming environment here in Corvallis. I like to work out, create art, and practice Taekwondo. 


Abraham Garcia comes from the tiny community of Milton Freewater, OR, and graduated from McLoughlin High School. He originally entered the Biological Engineering program at OSU, but found himself disappointed at the lack of biology in the program, and is thus excited about BRR. 

Educational goals: Graduate with a BS in the BioResource Research Interdisciplinary Program. Acquire as much knowledge as I can with a focus on practical application.

Long-term goals: Obtain a career that will advance the field of biotechnology.

Khiem Lam is from Hillsboro and graduated from Hillsboro High School.

Educational information: I was initially in the Bioengineering program, but fell prey to the awesomeness that is research and decided to whole-heartedly pursue that by transferring into the BioResource Research program my sophomore year.

Educational Goals at OSU:  I plan to graduate from OSU in 2017 with an Honors BS in BRR with options in Genomics/Bioinformatics and Biotechnology in addition to a minor in Chemistry.  In pursuing undergraduate research, I hope to gain skills that will help me become a better thinker, problem-solver, and professional.

Long-term goals: I have strong interests in cancer biology and studying the complex interactions between host, microbes, and disease.  After I graduate from OSU, I plan to enroll in to an MD/PhD Medical Scientist Training Program, where I can purse my interests in medicine and research.

Personal reflections: I decided to go to Oregon State University my senior year of high school after I had my first taste of research participating in my regional science fair and winning 1st place in Animal Sciences. Knowing that OSU excelled in various types of research, it was the obvious choice for me. After arriving to campus, I jumped into undergraduate research right away and have gained invaluable experience in my journey thus far. In becoming an MSP, I hope to share some of my experiences with other students and help them in their journey at OSU.

Louis Nguyen is from Portland, where he graduated from Reynolds High School.

Educational goals: I look forward to becoming more involved at OSU and gaining leadership experience while working hard in school.

Long-term goals: After OSU, I plan to go to Medical School and work towards becoming a pediatrician.  One day, I would like to start my own practice.

Personal reflections:  I came to OSU to achieve my goals in life. Thanks to the MSP award, I have been provided with a great opportunity to help me accomplish these goals.  I am truly honored to be an MSP Scholar and I look forward to the coming years!

Nate Stanley is from Portland and graduated from Roosevelt High School

Educational goals:  Graduate with a degree in BRR while obtaining clinical and research experiences that will make me a competitive applicant for Medical School or Graduate School.

Long-term goals: Attend medical school or graduate school.

Personal reflections:  One of my high school science teachers graduated from OSU with a BS in BRR. She helped me overcome obstacles and was instrumental in sparking my interest in academic achievement.

Raven Waldren 2013 Scholar

Raven Waldron hails from hometown of Silver Lake and graduated from North Lake High School

Educational goals:  I want to earn my undergraduate degree by doing. The BRR major appeals to me so much because I will be doing research and learning hands-on.

Long-term goals: Eventually, I want to attend graduate school and enter a career in the field of pharmaceutical engineering, so I can develop new medicines.

Personal reflections:  I have always wanted to attend OSU, ever since I was a little girl.  My dad successfully brainwashed me into knowing (not thinking) that OSU is the best school ever! I cannot wait to meet new people through the MSP and just to start this new chapter of my life and education.