Coral reef

Bioproducts are biomaterials or biochemicals (e.g., plastics and composites, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals and herbicides) produced by conversion processes from plant, animal, or microbial biomass. Development and production of bioproducts contribute to environmental and economic sustainability. Bioproducts research creates new uses for agricultural and other materials by developing new biochemical processes for the production of renewable chemicals and bioproducts. This area of research involves both science and engineering. Students completing this option will be ready for challenging careers in industry, governmental agencies, consulting companies, and novel start-up companies, or for graduate programs.

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Past thesis titles (examples):

Discovery and Characterization of New Cyanobacterial Natural Products from Moorea spp. Elise Shylo Cowley. Mentor: Kerry McPhail, Pharmacy.

Discovery and Isolation of Bioactive Natural Products from Actinomycete Bacteria With an Examination of Infectious Disease Drug Development and Application: A Comparison of the Developing and Developed WorldsGregory Petrossian. Mentor: Dr. Mark Zabriskie, Pharmacy.