2016 Scholars

2016 Multicultural Scholars

Yun "Winnie" Luo

Hometown/High School: Portland, Oregon; Madison High School

Educational Goals at OSU: At OSU, I plan on pursuing my passion in research, hopefully impacting the field of genetics. I look forward to meeting other dedicated students through the MSP and Honors Programs.

Long-term Goals: My long-term goal is to become a biomedical researcher and aid in the development of medical treatments and procedures.

Reflection: I believe that MSP is a wonderful program to further my dreams of research. I was drawn to OSU because of the research opportunities that are unique to their programs. I am extremely excited for the coming fall term!

Wilfredo RaymundoWilfrido Raymundo

Hometown/High School: Woodburn, Oregon/ Southridge High School; Portland Community College for two years

Educational Goals:  I hope to finish and excel in the BRR program and grow as a student and person. I expect the best effort out of myself, and my scholarly self to be putting out daily. I hope to make a change and contribute to associations and programs at Oregon State that will help me gain the necessary tools and skills to navigate the system. I hope to use and grow my critical thinking and analytical skills to a new level.

Long-term Goals: As a future physician, I hope to find health for every patient and positively impact their lives. I have in my heart to give back to the community that is less fortunate and be an example to younger kids and mentor and inspire them to believe and inspire our future leaders.

Reflections: I feel excited to take part in the BRR. It is a program with many opportunities to grow and learn from mentors. I know this program is unique with the potential to raise new leaders in the agricultural, veterinary sciences and medicine. It is amazing that 90%-100% of MSP scholars get into a graduate school. I am grateful for this program because it gives an opportunity to students of color to take on an amazing educational journey.

Karina Sanchez

Hometown/High School: Hillsboro, Oregon; Hillsboro High School; dual enrollment at Portland Community College

Educational Goals: As a freshman in high school, I made it part of my personal philosophy that a C was not a passing grade. I made sure I stayed after school to get help if I did not understand something or had questions on a test. I know college will be harder than high school, so my new goal for my first term is to get all Bs and make sure to talk to all my professors. I also intend to take advantage of support services available to me, such as tutoring.

Long-term Goals: I want to become either a veterinarian or a pharmacist after completing college because I love animals and I have also developed a love of biology and chemistry. My educational goals at OSU will set me up for a successful future as I will not fail any of my classes.

Reflections: I am excited to make new friends who are also interested in the BioResearch Research major. I know the sciences are difficult classes and having friends in the same classes will help reduce my stress of going to a new school.

Marie Thompson, Scholar

Hometown/ High School: Portland, Oregon; Health and Science High School

Educational Goals: I am very excited to start school at OSU! The BioResource Research major really appeals to me because of my interest in and love of science. One of the things I like about the BRR major is the ability to focus my research in the animal reproduction and genetics option since it connects to my interest in veterinary medicine. But my education doesn't end with lab work. I'd like to dedicate time to volunteering, sports, language and the arts - all of which I think will make college a valuable and rewarding experience. 

Long-term Goals: After finishing undergraduate education, I hope to be accepted to a veterinary school where I can expand my knowledge in animal medicine and prepare for a career. I also have been drawn to epidemiology these past few years and would like to study the relationship between animals and human disease. 

Reflection: Learning is what I enjoy, which is why I'm excited for the next four years I'll be spending at OSU. Being one of the MSP Scholars inspires me to work hard to achieve my goals, and I believe the support I get from the mentors and the experience I get from the research will help me reach those goals.

Brenda Villanueva

Hometown/High School: Aloha, Oregon; International School of Beaverton High School; Portland Community College for one year

Educational Goals: I plan to major in BioReource Research with a focus in toxicology. I want to gain research experience at OSU so that one day I can conduct my own research.

Long-term Goals: After graduating from OSU I plan on applying and attending medical school. In medical school, I hope to obtain knowledge that can help me in my research to develop treatments to human diseases.

Reflections: I am really thankful for this MSP program. Coming to OSU is very exciting, but also scary. I feel less scared now knowing that there is such a great program with great people to help me and others along the way. I'm really excited to finally get into the community and do some hands-on learning!

Cindy Lucia Zurita Cruz

Hometown/High School: Woodburn, Oregon; Woodburn Academy of Art, Science, and Technology

Educational Goals: To be the very first one in my family to graduate high school and attend a university, I have many goals set for myself. My most important goal is to graduate with a bachelor's degree in BioResource Research and move on to veterinary school. I am the oldest of eight children, and I hope to become a good role model, to inspire them to become someone great. I would also like to expand my education and social knowledge at OSU.

Long-term Goals: Hopefully after obtaining my bachelors, I plan on applying to the veterinary program to become a veterinarian. I also plan on opening up a veterinary clinic in a low-income city and provide low-cost veterinary care.

Reflections: Coming to OSU will be one of my best achievements. I have broken so many stereotypes in my family such as a woman can't like science, or a woman of color can't go to a university. The MSP program will give me the skills to be a competitive student, and it will help me with my academic goals. I am excited to attend a big university, to be part of a large community of people that strive to further their education. However, I am also sad to leave my friends from Woodburn.

 Celine Huynh - Associate Scholar

Hometown/High School: Portland, Oregon; Sunset High School

Educational Goals: At OSU, I hope to do well in the BioResource Research program and in the Honors College. I want to be able to grow both as a person and as a student during my undergraduate years. I want to be able to improve and refine my research skills. I hope to be able to gain research experience in bioinformatics/genomics.

Long-term Goals: Once I earn my bachelor's in science at OSU, I would like to go to optometry school at Pacific University. I want to eventually open up my own practice in the Portland area.

Personal Reflections: I came to OSU because of the BioResource Research major. It is relatively new, and other schools do not offer it. It is a great way to get involved in undergraduate research as well as set myself apart from other students. I also like the program because it requires me to write a thesis as an undergrad. I think the MSP program is highly beneficial because it encourages minorities to become involved in research. I look forward to getting to know the other MSP scholars this coming fall! 


 Gloria Ruiz-Orozco - Associate Scholar

Hometown/High School: Tigard, Oregon; Tigard High School

Educational Goals: I love conservation and science, so it made sense for me to major in BioResource Research with an option in Bioenergy. I hope that my research will broaden my knowledge of not only bioenergy in itself but also how it plays with other areas of knowledge.

Long-term Goals: I hope to take the lessons and skills I learn in OSU in research and translate it into something that allows me to work not only in science but face-to-face with the public as well. The options for this type of career are limitless, and my goal is to take my time at OSU and find something I can see myself in for many years.