Mentor's Timeline and Checklist

This timeline (and downloadable checklist) will tell you what you will be doing during the process of mentoring a Bioresource Research student.

Note that it is written as if the student started BRR as a freshman, in which case you would probably first meet the student at the end of his or her second year, or early in the third year. However, many students begin BRR later, so the timeline may be condensed.

BRR Mentor Timeline

Student’s 2nd year, or early in 3rd year:First meeting with student to discuss possibility of student doing research
Student’s 3rd year, first term student is registered for research:Initial Project Meeting with student and BRR Director
Fill out and initial Option Course List with student                   
Edit/help student with Project Proposal   
Initial Project Proposal when satisfied   
Suggest a secondary mentor
Student’s 3rd and 4th years:Supervise student’s research (14 credits)
Turn in research grades to adviser
Approx. beginning of 4th yearEdit/help with student’s Progress Report
Initial Progress Report when satisfied
Progress Meeting: meet with student, secondary mentor and BRR director
Student’s final term:Help student choose a journal for a thesis model
Edit and give feedback on thesis drafts as they are written   
Receive complete draft of thesis 3 weeks before seminar
Return edited thesis to student 2 weeks before seminar
Receive final draft 1 week before seminar
Help student prepare for seminar and final defense   
Attend student’s final seminar       
Question student during defense       
Discuss final grades for thesis and seminar with committee
Give student final thesis edits and sign thesis