MSP Scholar Graduates


Emily Rose Escobedo
Hometown/ High School: Nyssa, Oregon/ Nyssa High School
Major/Option: BioResource Research/Toxicology Option with Chemistry minor
Thesis: A pro-inflammatory agent, Lipopolysaccharide, can mimic the effects of aging on spatial reference memory
Where are they now? Research Associate, National Council for Air & Stream Improvement NCASI-Environmental Research for the forest products industry
Awards: EPA National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) Promise Program Intern
Dominique (Sabedra) Gardner 
 Hometown/ High School: Eureka, California/ Eureka (CA) High School
 Major/Option: BioResource Research/Animal Reproduction and Development Option
 Thesis: Serum Haptoglobin as an Indicator for Calving Difficulties and Postpartal Diseases in Transition Dairy Cows
 Where are they now?

Masters of Education, College Student Affairs Administration, University of West Flordia, 2014

Lewis and Clark Campus Living Area Director

 Awards:  Region VI Undergraduate Vice President for MANRRS; CAS Ambassador
Omar Miranda Garcia
Hometown/High School: Forest Grove, Oregon/ Forest Grove High School
Major/Option: BioResource Research/Food Quality Option with Chemistry minor
Thesis: The Storage of Grain and Aging of Flour, and Their Effects on Flour Functionality
Where are they now?

Masters of Science, Food Science Technology, OSU, 2016; Thesis: Mice Fed an Obesigenic High-Fat Diet with Walnuts and Polyphenol Rich Whole Foods Show Improved Metabolism and Changes in Hepatic Gene Expression.

Currently working as a Food Technologist, Campbell-Fresh

Awards:  Internship: USDA Snap ED/Extension Nutrition Program Assistant (specialty: Spanish); National MANRRS 3rdplace award, Oral Graduate Division I
 Tiffany C. Harper
Hometown/High School: Junction City, Oregon/Junction City High School
Major: Bachelor's of Science in Crop and Soil Science
Thesis: Pollination Efficiencies Of Native Bees And Syrphid Flies
Where are they now?

Masters of Science, Community and Leadership Development, University of Kentucky 2017

Thesis: Fast Friends: Implicit Bias of Cross-Group Friendships in a College of Agriculture

Currently, working with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension. Tiffany is the first African American female Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent in Kentucky history.

Awards: Presentation: MANRRS Oral Undergrad. Research Div. 1, National Second Prize Award; NSF REU and 2012 PNW NSF Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Poster; Howard Hughes Medical Institute summer research fellowship; Regional MANRRS Undergraduate and Graduate Officer
Alejandra Marquez
Hometown/High School: Born in Mexico City, Mexico/Caribbean School in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Major/Option: BioResource Research/Toxicology Option with Chemistry minor

Influences of an Anti-inflammatory Drug, Ibuprofen, on Spatial Memory and NMDA Receptor Subunit Expression During Aging

Click here to see a video of Alejandra speaking about her research experience.

Where are they now? Attending Harvard Medical School Alejandra will be finishing her internal medicine rotation and taking national boards exams
Awards:  CAS Ambassador; Child Family Health International medical internship South Africa; National Goldwater Scholarship (2012); Internships: USDA - ARS Plant Pathology, OHSU-Equity Summer Research in Behavioral Neurosciences
Martine Torres
Hometown/ High School: Lake Oswego, Oregon/Lake Oswego High School
Major/Option: BioResource Research/Water Resources and Toxicology Options with International Ag Development minor
Thesis: Biosorption Studies of Acid Green 3 Dye
Where are they now? Process Solutions Manager, Pacific Residential Mortgage
 Awards:  Region VI Undergraduate Vice President for MANRRS; Honduras Study Abroad, Global Water Brigades; CAS Ambassador; Medical Teams International NGO Development Assistance Philippines


Jose Solis
Hometown/High School: Forest Grove, Oregon; Forest Grove High School
Major/Option:  BioResource Research/ Genomics/Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Options with Chemistry minor
Where are they now?  


 Clarisa Caballero Multicultural Scholar recieves award Clarisa Caballero
Hometown/High School Woodburn, Oregon and graduated from North Marion High School
Major/Option:  BioResource Research/Toxicology Option and Spanish minor
Thesis:  Assessment of Gut Microbiome Role in Diet-Related Changes in Cognition
Where are they/Option now?  Clarissa is working on getting her CNA, looking into graduate school and working at Academic Technology this summer.
 Awards:  National MANRRS 2nd place: Oral Undergraduate Research
  V. Crystal Carillo
Hometown/High School:  Ontario, Oregon and came to OSU with the help of CAMP (College Assistance Migrant Program)
Major/Option:  BioResource Research/Toxicology Option with Chemistry minor

Using Mass Spectrometry to Trace Polyphenois in Human Urine

Where are they now?

Accelerated BS in Nursing program at Linfield College

  Cathy Duong
Hometown/High School:  Portland and graduated from David Douglas High School
Major/Option:  BioResource Research/Toxicology Option with Chemistry minor
Thesis: Functional Testing of Compounds Targeting Anti-Cell Death Protein Bcl-2
Where are they now? Working as a technician at GRIFOLS and as a medical scribe while she is applying for medical school.
Madison Esposito MSP Mentor Madison Esposito
Hometown/High School: Madison is from Northern California and grew up in Georgia; attended Armstrong University before transferring to OSU.
Major/Option: BioResource Research, graduated Summa Cum Laude/Applied Genetics and Biotechnology Options with certificate in Medical Humanities
Thesis: A Panel of Histone H3 Mutations to Investigate Centromere Maintenance and Gene Silencing
 Where are they now?  Madison has been accepted for an NIH Postbaccalaureate IRTA position in an HIV research lab. Upon her return from her internship abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico she will be moving to the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland to begin her position.

OSU President’s Dinner speech 2016

2017 Burlingham Undergraduate Student of Excellence Award in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University; Child Family Health International Internship in Oaxaca, Mexico

  Abraham Garcia
Hometown/High School  Milton Freewater, OR and graduated from McLoughlin High School
Major/Option:  BioResource Research/Biotechology Option with Chemistry minor
Thesis: Case studies: Using the zebrafish to evaluate neurobehavioral phenotypes
Where are they now? Working as a faculty research associate in the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at OSU
Joshua Hay MSP Mentor Joshua Hays
Hometown/High School: Salem, Oregon; attended South Salem High School and is a military veteran
Major:/Option: BioResource Research//Toxicology Option with Chemistry minor 
Thesis: Xanthohumol derivatives improve insulin sensitivity in obese mice
Where are they now?  From 2016-2017 Josh attended the University of Glasgow in the UK and obtained his MS in Biomedical Sciences in 2017.  He is currently a post-bac there attending classes.
Awards: USDA Multicultural Scholars Program Mentor, SACNAS National Society and OSU SACNAS Chapter Executive Officer Advisory Board Member, Certificate of Commendation, Good Conduct Medal
Khiem Lam MSP Mentor Khiem Lam
Hometown/High School: Hillsboro, Oregon; Hillsboro High School
Major/Option:  BioResource Research/Genomics-Bioinformatics Options, with Chemistry minor
Thesis: Metagenomics Analysis Reveal Host-Microbe Interactions in Cervical Cancer
Where are they now? Khiem has been accepted for an NIH Postbaccalaureate IRTA position in microbiome lab and recently moved to Maryland.
Awards: Khiem received a national 3rd place in the Undergraduate Oral Research Division I;  2017 Capital Press Outstanding Senior Award in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University; 2017 Center for Civic Engagement Student Spotlight Award
  Louis Nguyen
Hometown/High School:  Portland, Oregon; graduated from Reynolds High School
Major: Microbiology
Where are they now? Louis transferred into Microbiology, graduated and entered the PharmD program at OSU