Secondary Mentor

Your mentor will help you choose an additional faculty member, with research expertise related to the project, as secondary research mentor.  The secondary mentor will receive advance copies of the research and course program plan, meet informally with the student, offer suggestions and advice, and initial the proposal. The secondary mentor is a member of your committee, and will be included in meetings such as the progress meeting and thesis defense.

A good secondary mentor would be a person who is involved with, and understands the goals of, your proposed research. Alternatively, someone with unique expertise you need for your project would be a good secondary mentor. Make sure your secondary mentor is willing to read your thesis and participate in your progress meeting and thesis seminar and defense.

You may have more than one secondary mentor, as long as your primary mentor agrees.

If you are in Honors College, you are required to have two secondary mentors (two additional members of your committee besides your primary research mentor). The BRR director can fill this role.