Selecting Option Courses

Once you have your mentor, you and your mentor will complete a list of proposed option courses needed to complete the BRR degree requirements. This list is completed during the first term that you are enrolled in research credits. Your faculty mentor is the lead advisor for your option courses; the BRR advisor can provide additional help. The option checklist for your option should be filled out and initialed by your faculty mentor and submitted to the BRR advisor with your project proposal. If you need to make changes to your course choices later, submit a new (initialed) list to the advisor.

Your option courses should prepare you for your future career or advanced degree plans. A few examples: if you are planning to go to medical school, you need Anatomy and Physiology (Z 331 and 332) and you may need a human nutrition class or Biomedical Ethics (PHL 444). If you want to go to graduate school in an engineering field, you need more math. If you want to go on in a field related to ecology, you'll need more statistics. Talk to the adviser and your mentor about this.