The OSU Crop and Soil Science Central Analytical Laboratory is accepting soil, plant, and soil amendment samples from OSU faculty, staff, students, and extension faculty, as well as gardeners, field reps, and commercial producers.

Our Brand New ICP-OES is up and running. Standards and checks looks great and samples are being processed. Cheers!
Please call the lab prior to submission: 541-737-2187 


CAL is now a central piece of the OSU soils educational program as well as a fully functional soil and plant analysis laboratory. As such we offer discounted rates for student preparation of samples as well as analytical training. 

We are actively pursuing collaboration with OSU faculty, staff, extension, and experiment station scientists as well as the NRCS, SWCDs, and ODA. If you have a project related to soils, but are not sure how to sample or what to analyze for, contact us and we can help you with your plan or develop a method. 

Contact Us

We welcome your feedback. Please contact Shannon Andrews with questions, concerns, ideas, or more information.

Shannon Andrews 
Phone: 541-737-2187

CAL office and lab: ALS 3079