Paperwork processing fee: Each time you submit a set of samples, there will be paperwork processing fee attached to it. If you send 1 sample for just pH or 100 samples for manure analysis, there will be a $5 fee in addition to your per sample price.


*Student research price: This category is only available for OSU students who will be doing some portion of the work themselves. CAL will provide the space, the materials, the machines, and the consumables. The students will provide the labor. This results in a significant price discount and works toward the educational mission of our laboratory. Training needed will be charged at $40/hr or can be provided by the students PI. For items like extractions and pH measurements the students will complete the work on their own. For all parts of the analysis that require analytical equipment, a trained laboratory technician will operate the machines and or oversee machine use. 


** Rush analysis: This price applies when the client wants CAL to process their samples right away with results expected within two days. Some analyses can not be performed in this time frame, for those there is no rush price listed. There are other times that machines are not working appropriately so we ask that you always call prior to submission if you need a quick turn around.


Results can  generally be expected within one month for most analyses. Tests with noted minimum times will take longer. 


If results look abnormal we will re-analyze the sample at not additional charge. 


Customers will be sent an invoice from our business office, after thre results are delivered. Payment is expected within 30 days of invoice reciept. 


Work order quotes in preparation of a grant proposal can be provided, please call to discuss.


For more information or to discuss use of CAL please contact:

Gloria Ambrowiak
ALS 3079