College of Agricultural Sciences Capital Campaign Cabinet

The College of Agricultural Sciences Campaign Cabinet is a volunteer board selected by the College’s dean and its director of development to support and promote the College in its programs and activities, principally through the Cabinet’s engagement in framing and supporting the College’s development strategies and priorities. Cabinet members understand the role and importance of private philanthropy to the College, and are key to building relationships with potential major gift donors. The Cabinet convenes quarterly at meetings called and arranged by the dean. Members of the Cabinet serve terms that coincide with the length of The Campaign for OSU.

Cabinet members are individuals who care deeply about the future of the College and, through their service on the Cabinet…

… Help articulate a vision for the College’s fundraising campaign.
… Provide perspective and feedback on the case for support, College and campaign priorities, and the campaign’s progress.
… Serve as ambassadors for the College during The Campaign for OSU and promote the case for support within their respective communities and business environments.
… Lend credibility and stature to the College’s campaign.
… Make it possible for the dean and development director to gain access to those who may have interest in the College and    resources to support its philanthropic priorities.
… Assist in building long-term strategic relationships.
… Offer advocacy at important moments in the campaign.
… Lead with personal philanthropic commitment.
… Serve as role models to other alumni and potential supports of the College.
… Participate, as appropriate, in solicitations.