Site Analytics

Simple Google Analytics Report

This analytics tool will provide you with a quick overview of your website statistics.  This includes:

  • total page views
  • average time on pages
  • most viewed pages
  • devices used to access your site
  • where in the US people are accessing your site from
  • Top entry and exit pages on your site

Using this tool:

Go to the website at

  • Click on the Choose Your Site box
  • Start typing your sites URL in the Type to Search box
  • When you see your sites URL select ONLY to the right of the URL

The Date range automatically defaults to 1 week. 

  • To change this click on the box showing the dates.
  • Select your start and end dates from the pop-up calendars
  • Click the red Apply button


Advanced Google Analytics

Extension Websites


Monsido is a service that gives our OSU community the tools needed to improve our websites. This platform helps to find, fix and follow common website issues related to Accessibility, Quality, and conformance to Brand Guidelines.

Download the Chrome Extension

To get you started install the Monsido Chrome extension. This extension will highlight content issues directly on your website.