Download the Website Review Checklist.


☐    Are your employee lists up-to-date? (ie., Faculty, Staff, Research staff, etc.) Remove any people who have left and add new employees. 

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☐    Have all your upcoming unit events been added to your calendar? (ie., field days, seminars, open houses, etc.)

☐    Are your Feature Stories current? Feature Stories are the slideshow features on the home page of your site. Remove any old Feature Stories.

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☐    Do you know your most popular pages? Your most-searched terms? If not, contact the CAS Web Team for this information. We can provide you with a list of your 10 most trafficked pages and most-searched terms.

☐    On your most popular pages, is the content still up-to-date? Are there any updates to be made?

☐    Do you have web content that addresses your most-searched terms?

☐    Check the links on your home page. Are your social media links going to the right place? Is your Donate link functional?