Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) hosted by Central Web Services for use by the OSU campus.  Drupal allows users with no technical or programming knowledge to create full featured websites. (more...)

Video Tutorials

How to Log In to Your Website in Drupal 7

How do I add/remove an OSU Employee to my site?

How to Create a Basic Page in Drupal 7

A Basic Page is the standard content type for most of the content in a web site.

How to Create a Feature Story in Drupal 7

A Feature Story is the larger rotating image seen at the top of many home pages.

How to Use the Linkit Tool in Drupal 7: Part 1

The Linkit Tool is what you use to create a hyperlink from one piece of content to another piece of content in your web site.

How to Create a News Article

How do I Edit my Profile Page

How to Add a Publication

Learning and Using Drupal

External Drupal Tutorials / Blogs

Tutorials for Users on Horticulture Web Team Sites

These tutorials are for users only on Horticulture Web Team sites in Drupal 6. If you aren't sure what site you are working in contact the CAS Web Team.

Changing your Password

Updating your Profile

Uploading a File

Creating a Button Look for a Link