Herbicide Contaminated Soils May Become a Major Problem

Soil Media
University of Maryland affiliated author discusses the effects of herbicide contaminated soils. Specifically addressed is the issue of herbicides used during row crop production and the later use of those same sites for nursery ornamental and conifer production.

Root-Damaging Temperatures

Plant Stress
A report on root damaging temperatures for different plant species used in the landscaping and nursery industries. The Oregon State University affiliated author provides a list of deciduous and evergreen plants species and corresponding temperatures for root damage.

Cold Injury in the Landscape: Georgia, 1983-1984

Plant Stress
An especially cold winter caused serious freeze damage to landscape plants in Georgia. Broadleaf species experienced the most observed freeze damage. The University of Georgia Department of Horticulture affiliated authors include a through list of landscape plants and associated freeze damage.

Cold Injury During Dormancy

Plant Stress
Information provided on cold injury occurring during dormancy. Specific topics addressed include; the effects of freeze damage, cold tolerance between plant tissues, winter sun scald, frost cankers or bark splitting, and winter drying of evergreen foliage.

Some Practical Tips on Pruning Shrubs

The comprehensive guide to pruning shrubs is broken down into three main categories; plants flowering on current years growth, plants flowering on old growth, and plants grown for special effects. The author also addresses problems, solutions, and conclusions in relation to pruning shrubs.

Cultural Practices for the Management of Plant Parasitic Nematodes

Information provided on cultural pest management practices for control of plant parasitic nematodes in the nursery industry. The main topics of discussion include; nematode identification, crop rotation, fallowing, weed control, resistant plant material, soil amendments, and sanitation.

Desiccation Control of Bare Root Stock

Post Harvest
The Michigan State University affiliated author addresses the issue of desiccation of bare-root nursery stock. Topics of discussion include; conditions that increase the probability of desiccation, most susceptible phases for bare-root stock desiccation, and control methods.

Foliar Fertilization Efficacy

Final report on research project comparing different methods of fertilization of field grown conifers and also containerized conifers. Study covers methods used, products tested and results obtained.

Biological Control of Insects With Insect-Pathogenic Nematodes - A Brief Status Report

Increased interest in using biological control of insects by nurseries prompted the author to provide the brief report on using pathogenic nematodes for insect control. Topics discussed include nematode species, nematode lifecycle, host insects, and other factors.

Eriophyid Mites on Pine

Christmas Tree
An informative discussion regarding eriophyid mites and their effect on Scotch, Australian, red, and white pines. Symptoms of eriophyid mite injury on pines, biology and control methods, and monitoring are the topics the author focuses on.