Overwintering Container Grown Plants

Plant Stress
A detailed guide for how to overwinter container grown plants, produced in affiliation with the Oregon State University Horticultural Department. Topics covered include; an explanation on the theory of desiccation, effects of freeze damage, cold acclimatization, and the prevention of winter damage.

Nutrient Analysis Problems in Douglas-fir Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree
The results of an Oregon State University affiliated two year study on the nutrient levels of Douglas-fir trees on Oregon Christmas tree plantations. Samples were taken from trees four and five years old in the Corvallis, OR and Willamette Valley areas.

Silver-Spotted Tiger Moths on Conifers

The silver-spotted tiger moth, Halisidota argentata, belongs to a family of stout bodied moths which can be pests of conifers, causing loss of harvestable trees for Christmas tree growers. Lifecycle, habitat, appearance, and control methods are briefly addressed.

Photoperiod - A Grower Management Tool for Controlling Plant Growth and Development

The use of photoperiod as a management tool to achieve optimal plant growth and development in a nursery or greenhouse environment. The information provided includes explantations of photoperiod; how it works, its importance to the grower, and the various effects of photoperiod manipulation.

New website focusing on species of Phytophthora launched by OSU Professor Jennifer Parke.

Forest Phytophthoras of the World is an international resource for the latest information on ten major species of Phytopthora.

Hearing date set for possible expansion of the Sudden Oak Death (SOD) quarantine area in Southern Oregon.

A hearing is scheduled to discuss proposed changes to the quarantine area and allow use of an oak from disease free area.

European Crane Fly

Washington State University affiliated entomologist discusses the European crane fly (Tipula paludosa) and it's impact in the Pacific Northwest. Topics addressed include it's introduction into North America, lifecycle, biological and environmental controls, and chemical controls.

Christmas Tree Weed Identification and Control

Christmas Tree
Informative look at weed identification and control in Christmas tree production by Oregon State University affiliated researchers, Ed Peachey and Chal Langren.

Fertilization of Nordmann and Noble fir

Christmas Tree
Field trials testing the effects of fertilization on Nordmann and Noble fir trees in relation to the Christmas tree industry, the results of the trials and the implications for growers are discussed.

Beyond Skogholm Cotoneaster: Performance of Hydrangea, Azalea, Juniper and Spirea in a Clay Amended Substrate

Nursery Crops
Research was conduced on the effect of using a clay-amended substrate to improve nutrient and water efficiency for plants in containers. The presentation includes detailed results on the performance of the different plants used.