Botrytis Cinerea

Plant Disease
Botrytis blight ( Botrytis cinerea), also known as grey mold, is one of the common diseases of greenhouse crops. Descriptions of general symptoms and symptoms on flowers, leaves, seedlings, and stems are provided along with cultural and chemical management programs.

Production Procedures for Syringa Meyeri'Palabin' Lilac - A duel Purpose, Container Grown, Flowering Plant

Greenhouse Crops
Report on a production study of the lilac cultivar, Syringa meyeri 'Palabin', for it's duel use for cut flowers and landscape plantings. Specific information is offered regarding successful propagation techniques for soft wood cuttings and production schedules.

Lilac...Year-Round Cut Flower? Duel Purpose Plant?

Greenhouse Crops
A guide for the production of lilacs for the duel purposes of cut-flower production and landscape plantings. The history of the lilac as a forced, cut flower is summarized along with descriptions of species and cultivars, growth and development, forcing and flowering, and propagation methods.

A Root Weevil Perspective

Root weevils can be a serious pest for Oregon growers of ornamental plants, the root weevil feeds on more than 100 plant species. The author offers a brief but informative discussion on the life cycle, root and foliar feeding, control of adult root weevil, and larval control.

Gypsy Moth in Washington

The gypsy moth was detected in the Seattle, WA area in 1977 using pheromone (female sex scent) traps. The author discusses the gypsy moth in regard to; local history, the problem involving gypsy moths, eradication efforts, and the efforts nurseries could make.

Factors to Consider Before Tank Mixing Pesticides

The dangers of tank mixing pesticides are addressed by the University of California affiliated author. The factors discussed include; chemical incompatibilities, physical incompatibilities, general principles for mixing pesticides, specific mixtures to avoid, and causes of phytotoxicity.

Symptoms and Control of Botrytis on Statice

Plant Disease
Botrytis blight, a plant disease caused by Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex Fr., on statice (Limonium sinuatum Mill,) was studied by the University of Florida. The following topics are discussed; symptoms, seeds, field planting, and cultural and chemical control.

Rooting of Ilex Not Increased in Osmocote Amended Propagation Medium

Oklahoma State University reported having had higher rooting percentages with Osmocote amended media than without in holly rooting trials. A holly rooting trial was then initiated by R.L. Ticknor in affiliation with Oregon State University, the results are discussed.

Heat Dispersion of Fungicides - Powdery Mildew Eradicated

Fungicides new to the market in 1979 were tested for effectiveness of control over rose powdery mildew and also tested for control of powdery mildew on a wide variety of other crops. Effectiveness of the fungicides, methods, and fungicide use in the greenhouse are discussed.

Insects Have Defoliated My Tree - Now What's Going to Happen?

The USDA affiliated author addresses the issue of tree defoliation and re-foliation. Information is provided on the following topics regarding defoliation; the factors that influence tree defoliation, the effects of defoliation, and tree care.