Winter Care of Garden Roses

Plant Disease
The Oregon State University affiliated author focuses the discussion on pest control in garden roses. Specifically addressed are symptoms and controls for "Black Spot", "Powdery Mildew", and "Rust". The three diseases are found on the leaves and new growth of the plants.

Progress Report on Phytophthora Ilicis Research--1975

PLant Disease
A report on the progress of research to find a control for Phytophthora illicis in cut holly and holly plants in the field. The results of the two year study suggests a viable control for Phytophthora illicus once it is detected but not for use in prevention of the fungus. The authors discuss their goals for the ongoing research.

What about Phytophthoras in the Pacific Northwest?

Concerns about Phytophthora and it's impact on the Pacific Northwest nursery industry are discussed. The authors offer incite into the disease itself, control methods, phytophthora prevention in propagation, phytophthora prevention in containers and growing beds, prevention of the disease in the field, and future phytophthora research directions.

A Review of Ornamental Plant Pathology at Oregon State University

Nursery Crops
A report on the history of the research conducted at Oregon State University (OSU) on important diseases of nursery, bulb, and florist crops. Topics covered are research on; fungus diseases, virus diseases, bacterial diseases, nematode diseases, and the past and future of ornamental research at OSU.

Preliminary Report on February-March 1974 Holly Tests

The disease Phytophthora ilicis in cut holly led to berry and leaf infection and defoliation. Tests were preformed on the cut holly stems by dipping them in solutions and leaving some untreated for comparison. After a suitable solution was found it was tested on several varieties of holly.

35 Years of Specialty Horticultural Research

Nursery Crops
The results of 35 years of horticultural research in nursery and ornamental crops conducted at and in affiliation with Oregon State University are discussed. Topics include; defoliation problems, gladiolus, new crop development, lilies, holly, wood waste utilization, ornamental plant nutrition, graduate research assistance, rose and tree fruit rootstock research, ornamental research, root regeneration, propagation research, and plant growth research.

Entomology Research Programs Aid Industry

The history and impact of entomology research conducted in affiliation with Oregon State University is discussed by the author. Topics include; holly and camellia scales, gladiolus viruses, holly insects, pear root aphid, symphylans, tent caterpillars, and control of virus spread.

Short Days Hasten Easter Lily Flowering

Conditions and cultural practices to prevent "summer sprout" in 'Ace', 'Croft', and 'Nellie White' Easter lilies was the basis of two Easter lilies studies. Details and results of the experiments are discussed with the hope of conducting future research based on the results found.

New Lily Deflowering Treatment Shows Promise

A report on the effectiveness of different treatments used to deflower 'Ace' and 'Nellie White' Easter lilies, tested in the 1971 growing season. Along with deflowering, observations were also made on foliar damage, plant height, and final bulb weight.

Horticultural Crops Research Needed for the 1970's

Nursery Crops
Based on a previous article calling for research in the ornamental crops industry in Oregon, the authors elaborate on what ornamental and horticultural areas need more research. Specific crops are listed along with the most pertinent areas for each crop needing more research.