Research Needs Discussed for Expanding Ornamentals Industry

Nursery Crops
The future of research and extension work in the ornamental industry at Oregon State University is discussed by the author. Research and extension staff worked to identify areas in need of research and established priorities with in those areas.

Garden, Easter Lilies Infected by Viruses

Plant Disease
Prevention and control of viruses affecting garden and Easter lilies were studied in Oregon by the Oregon State University affiliated author. Specific viruses are discussed in regard to characteristics of the virus, descriptions of size, and affected lily cultivars.

Lily Bulb Maturity, Dormancy Studied

The influence of lily bulb maturity, temperature, and long day treatments on flowering was researched in this Oregon State University affiliated project. The three cultivars of Easter lilies tested were; 'Ace', 'Croft', and 'Nellie White'.

New Method Tested for Timing Lily Flowering

The topic discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated author is the challenge of timing Easter lilies for bloom around variable dates. A new production method is offered as a solution to the issue of timing Easter lilies.

Heptachlor Controls Narcissus Bulb Fly

A study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a specific control for bulb fly larvae (Merodon equestrist) on Narcissus bulbs. The results showed it was possible to control the pests while leaving the Narcissus bulbs in the ground for the desired 2-3 years without being damaged.

Rots Currently Affecting Lily Forcing

Root base rot and a specific Penicillium rot was affecting the forcing of lilies in the Pacific Northwest. Studies were carried out to discover a successful control for the two rots and are discussed by the author.

Increase in Virus Disease of Glads Under Study

Due to an observed increase in damage of gladiolus from viruses and a decrease in fungus affecting the gladiolus, a study was carried out to find out what was the cause of the change. The author briefly discusses cultural practices to minimize virus damage in gladiolus.

Program Started to Obtain Virus-Free Rose Stocks

A program was developed after an increasing amount of rose rootstock varieties became infected with viruses that were being transmitted to the cuttings during propagation. Recommendations are given by the author on how to approach the rose virus problem.

Rate, Placement of Phosphorus Affect Lily Bulb Yields

Questions were raised by lily bulb growers as to the amounts of phosphorus needed in bulb production and the timing of the applications of phosphorus. The authors conducted a study to determine the answers to the grower's questions and discuss their findings in the article.

Storage Temperature Affects Lily Bulbs

Experiments were conducted on Nellie White Easter lily bulbs to determine plant response to the order in which the bulbs were preheated, pre-cooled, and held. The bulbs were dug from the Pacific Bulb Growers Research and Development Station in Harbor, OR and brought to Corvallis, OR for testing.