Cold Injury During Dormancy

Plant Stress
Information provided on cold injury occurring during dormancy. Specific topics addressed include; the effects of freeze damage, cold tolerance between plant tissues, winter sun scald, frost cankers or bark splitting, and winter drying of evergreen foliage.

What Went Wrong? Problems With Athletic Fields

A thorough discussion involving athletic fields and associated problems. The Oregon State University affiliated author addresses the common problem of field use and drainage in an athletic field. Possible causes of drainage problems, explanations, and solutions are provided.

Use of Yellow Sticky Traps in Greenhouses

Greenhouse Crops
A brief report on the yellow stick traps used in greenhouses to monitor and/or reduce certain pest populations. The topics discussed include; types of pests caught by the traps, how often to check traps, where to put traps, how many traps to use, and whether traps should be vertical or horizontal.

Greenhouse Pest Alert: Sweetpotato Whitefly

Information provided on detection and identification of the greenhouse pest Sweetpotato whitefly, Bremisia tabaci. Resistance, survey and detection, and distinguishing between the common greenhouse whitefly and the sweetpotato whitefly are discussed.

Options for Energy Conservation for Greenhouse Growers

Greenhouse Crops
Topic of discussion is energy conservation in greenhouse crop production. Five specific categories to address in energy conservation for greenhouse growers include management, maintenance, mechanization, masonry, modification, and memory. The author elaborates on subcategories for each of the five categories.

Controlling Moss in Lawns

Mossy lawns are common in the Pacific Northwest. Two mosses typically found invading Western Oregon lawns are Rhytidiadelphus sp. and Brachythecium albicans. Cultural, mechanical, and chemical control methods are offered as a guide to help control moss in lawns.

Searching for Perfect Turf

Informative look at lawn grass selection, popular grass species, and management practices. Specific grass species discussed includes tall fescue, fine fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, bentgrass, highland bentgrass, colonial bentgrass, Poa trivialis, Poa annua, and Holcus lanatus.

Thoughts on Fall Planting of Lawns - Seed Identification

Guide for the identification of lawn seed crops including tall fescue, annual ryegrass, perennial ryegrass, red fescue, chewings fescue, hard fescue, bluegrass, and bentgrasses. The Oregon State University affiliated author offers descriptions with identifying characteristics for each grass seed discussed.

Plant-Damaging Pollutants in the Atmosphere

Greenhouse Crops
Report based on studies conducted by researchers into the effects of ethylene on ornamental plants throughout the plant's lifecycle. Topics discussed include symptoms, ethylene sources to avoid, and plant species sensitivity classification.

Hot Weather Sprinkling Damages Plants? Protects Plants?

Plant disorders
The Oregon State University affiliated author addresses hot weather sprinkling and whether or not it damages or protects plants. Incite is offered into how water could be affecting the plants in high temperatures and whether or not it actually leads to plant damage.