Horticultural Crops Research Needed for the 1970's

Nursery Crops
Based on a previous article calling for research in the ornamental crops industry in Oregon, the authors elaborate on what ornamental and horticultural areas need more research. Specific crops are listed along with the most pertinent areas for each crop needing more research.

Research Needs Discussed for Expanding Ornamentals Industry

Nursery Crops
The future of research and extension work in the ornamental industry at Oregon State University is discussed by the author. Research and extension staff worked to identify areas in need of research and established priorities with in those areas.

Nursery Buying Habits Surveyed

The results of a 1958 marketing survey to determine the nursery buying habits of homeowners in the Portland, OR area. The survey included questions about the influence of home value, age, length of residence, and family income on buying habits.

Irrigation Practices: Measuring Sprinkler System Application Uniformity

A useful resource for nursery professionals to help guide them through the process of checking their overhead irrigation systems uniformity.

Protecting Container-grown Nursery Stock With Covers During Severe Winter Conditions

Plant Stress
Discussion of commonly used cold protection aids for growers of nursery stock. Results from research conducted during an extreme winter in Oregon is covered.

Common Weeds in Oregon Container Crops

Includes identification and management information for eight weeds commonly found in Oregon container nurseries. Color photos and descriptions of weeds throughout their life cycle aid in identification. Presents control strategies for each weed.

Weed Control in Container Crops

Effective weed management in container crops involves a combination of sound sanitary and cultural practices along with proper use of preemergence herbicides. Designed for commercial nursery producers of container crops, his publication covers three topics: using sanitary and cultural practices to minimize weed populations, selecting the most appropriate preemergence herbicides, and timing of herbicide applications.