Options for Energy Conservation for Greenhouse Growers

Greenhouse Crops
Topic of discussion is energy conservation in greenhouse crop production. Five specific categories to address in energy conservation for greenhouse growers include management, maintenance, mechanization, masonry, modification, and memory. The author elaborates on subcategories for each of the five categories.

Chemical Growth Regulators

Report on chemical growth regulators for use in greenhouse and nursery crop production. Studies were conducted to determined the effectiveness of the growth regulators on the following crops; zonal geraniums, hibiscus, hydrangea, kalanchoe, weeping fig, several trees species, poinsettias, Easter lilies, and freesia.

Plant-Damaging Pollutants in the Atmosphere

Greenhouse Crops
Report based on studies conducted by researchers into the effects of ethylene on ornamental plants throughout the plant's lifecycle. Topics discussed include symptoms, ethylene sources to avoid, and plant species sensitivity classification.

Gladiolus-Postharvest Handling of Gladiolus Corms

Post Harvest
Guide for the prevention and control of Stromatinia, Curvularia, Botrytis, Fusarium corm rot, thrips, nematodes, bulb mites and aster yellows mycoplasm. Information provided on how to cure and store gladiolus corms, dormancy, and Rhizoctonia solani.

Hot Weather Sprinkling Damages Plants? Protects Plants?

Plant disorders
The Oregon State University affiliated author addresses hot weather sprinkling and whether or not it damages or protects plants. Incite is offered into how water could be affecting the plants in high temperatures and whether or not it actually leads to plant damage.

Biological Control of Insects With Insect-Pathogenic Nematodes - A Brief Status Report

Increased interest in using biological control of insects by nurseries prompted the author to provide the brief report on using pathogenic nematodes for insect control. Topics discussed include nematode species, nematode lifecycle, host insects, and other factors.

Perennial Weed Control in Nurseries

The author discusses the importance of noxious weed control in nursery crops along with chemical control methods. Specific noxious weeds identified in nurseries include yellow nutsedge, quackgrass, Canada thistle, field bindweed, horsetail rush, blackberries, and dandelion.

Chemical Eradication of Golden Bamboo, Phyllostachys aurea

An experiment conducted in affiliation with the University of California on the chemical eradication of golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea). The experiment report includes a brief discussion on materials and methods, results, and conclusions.

Atrazine - Herbicide Degradation, Carry Over, and Buildup

Oregon State University extension agent specializing in horticultural weeds discusses the herbicide atrazine. Specific topics addressed by the author include; herbicide degradation, carry over, buildup, and management of herbicide residues in horticultural crops.

Overwintering Container Grown Plants

Plant Stress
A detailed guide for how to overwinter container grown plants, produced in affiliation with the Oregon State University Horticultural Department. Topics covered include; an explanation on the theory of desiccation, effects of freeze damage, cold acclimatization, and the prevention of winter damage.