Evaluation of Miticides for Effective Control of Spruce Spider Mite

An in depth look at the spruce spider mite, Oligonychus ununguis (Jacobi). Complete information including host range, identification, life cycle, monitoring and control measures are discussed. Chemical control measures such as miticides and horticultural oils are reviewed.

Irrigation Practices: Measuring Sprinkler System Application Uniformity

A useful resource for nursery professionals to help guide them through the process of checking their overhead irrigation systems uniformity.

Successful Storage of Bareroot Conifer Seedlings is Dependent on Prestorage Factors

A discussion on the importance of storage factors for best survival of conifer seedlings. Many prestorage and storage factors affecting survival and growth of the outplanted seedling include lifting date, dormancy, prestorage handling, packaging, storage temperature, water relations, mold control, and storage duration.

Weed Control In 1-0 Conifers Seedbeds With Sethoxydim (Poast) Spot Treatments.

A brief summary of a research project which evaluates the herbicide Sethoxydim (Poast) for grass weed control and phytotoxicity in conifer seedling beds. Three conifer species, Abies procera (noble fir), Pinus sylvestri s (Scotch pine), and Psuedotsuga menziesii (Douglas-fir) were used.

White Pine Weevil

A close look at a serious pest of many conifers commonly grown in nurseries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Article examines the host range, life cycle, damage, monitoring, cultural prevention and control as well as chemical controls.

Protecting Container-grown Nursery Stock With Covers During Severe Winter Conditions

Plant Stress
Discussion of commonly used cold protection aids for growers of nursery stock. Results from research conducted during an extreme winter in Oregon is covered.

Developing Sheared Douglas-fir Christmas Trees

Christmas tree
Discusses how to select a plantation, choose quality seed, prepare the ground for planting, lay out a plantation, plant stock, manage weeds and pests, and plan for the next crop. Describes preshearing, basal pruning, shearing techniques, and shearing tools. Provides a year-by-year cultural schedule that covers planting to harvest. Includes 3 tables, 15 figures, and sources of additional information.

Developing High Quality True Fir Christmas Trees

Christmas tree
Describes the current market for true firs, characteristics of true-fir species, and the pests and environmental problems that harm firs. Details how to purchase top-quality seed, choose a growing site, design a plantation, and fertilize, as well as combat diseases, insects, animals, competing vegetation, and erosion. Covers shaping trees, including correcting multiple leaders, replacing lost leaders, pruning, and dealing with lamas growth. Provides a 9-year schedule of suggested activities for producing quality trees. Includes 6 tables, 19 figures, and a list of additional sources of information.

Christmas Tree Nutrient Management Guide for Western Oregon and Washington

Christmas tree
This guide is designed to help Christmas tree growers learn to assess a plantation’s nutritional needs based on soil and foliar analyses and rotational timing. It will help you design strategies for effective nutrient applications and produce high-quality trees with minimal negative environmental impact.

Weed Control in Nursery Field Production


Information and strategies for field growers on how to reduce weeds in their crops. Topics discussed include, field preparation, sanitation, cultural practices and proper herbicide selection and use.