Intermittent Mist System Controls Devices for Propagation Plants

An examination of different intermittent mist system control devices used for plant propagation. The author discusses a variety of control devices including but not limited to program repeating timer, light operated timer control, and multizone mechanical controller.

Options for Energy Conservation for Greenhouse Growers

Greenhouse Crops
Topic of discussion is energy conservation in greenhouse crop production. Five specific categories to address in energy conservation for greenhouse growers include management, maintenance, mechanization, masonry, modification, and memory. The author elaborates on subcategories for each of the five categories.

Symptoms and Control of Botrytis on Statice

Plant Disease
Botrytis blight, a plant disease caused by Botrytis cinerea Pers. ex Fr., on statice (Limonium sinuatum Mill,) was studied by the University of Florida. The following topics are discussed; symptoms, seeds, field planting, and cultural and chemical control.

Transmission and Control of Plant Diseases in Propagules

Plant propagation
A discussion about propagation and the transmission and control of plant diseases. The topics addressed in relation to propagation and plant disease include; significance of propagule transmission, control procedures, bulbs and corms, and seeds.

Container Soils are Different

Container Media
A discussion of the differences between container media and ground bed media in regard to water availability for plant growth. Also addressed is "the container effect", differences in soil texture, the importance of the appropriate amount of aeration, and the affects of aeration on plant growth.

Penta Treated Greenhouses-A New Angle

Greenhouse Crops
The use of PENTACHLOROPHENOL to treat wooden greenhouses against degradation is discussed by the author. PENTA was toxic to plants but the author includes a letter from an individual who used a different method involving PENTA and epoxy paint. The grower was able to successfully propagate plants in the treated greenhouse.

Evaluation of Miticides for Effective Control of Spruce Spider Mite

An in depth look at the spruce spider mite, Oligonychus ununguis (Jacobi). Complete information including host range, identification, life cycle, monitoring and control measures are discussed. Chemical control measures such as miticides and horticultural oils are reviewed.

Irrigation Practices: Measuring Sprinkler System Application Uniformity

A useful resource for nursery professionals to help guide them through the process of checking their overhead irrigation systems uniformity.

Weed Control In 1-0 Conifers Seedbeds With Sethoxydim (Poast) Spot Treatments.

A brief summary of a research project which evaluates the herbicide Sethoxydim (Poast) for grass weed control and phytotoxicity in conifer seedling beds. Three conifer species, Abies procera (noble fir), Pinus sylvestri s (Scotch pine), and Psuedotsuga menziesii (Douglas-fir) were used.

Protecting Container-grown Nursery Stock With Covers During Severe Winter Conditions

Plant Stress
Discussion of commonly used cold protection aids for growers of nursery stock. Results from research conducted during an extreme winter in Oregon is covered.