Lily Bulb Maturity, Dormancy Studied

The influence of lily bulb maturity, temperature, and long day treatments on flowering was researched in this Oregon State University affiliated project. The three cultivars of Easter lilies tested were; 'Ace', 'Croft', and 'Nellie White'.

Eight Herbicides Rated for Nursery Weed Control

Research was carried out on nursery weed control with the use of herbicides. The herbicides were rated according to effectiveness of weed control and amount of plant damage. The weed control tests were conducted on both summer and winter weeds.

Deficiency Symptoms of Rhododendron Studied

Plant disorders
Research was carried out on the deficiency symptoms of rhododendrons. The study was prompted by the lack of information on descriptive symptomatology in available literature, the results are discussed by the author.

New Method Tested for Timing Lily Flowering

The topic discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated author is the challenge of timing Easter lilies for bloom around variable dates. A new production method is offered as a solution to the issue of timing Easter lilies.

Heptachlor Controls Narcissus Bulb Fly

A study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a specific control for bulb fly larvae (Merodon equestrist) on Narcissus bulbs. The results showed it was possible to control the pests while leaving the Narcissus bulbs in the ground for the desired 2-3 years without being damaged.

New Easter Lily May be Released

Plant breeding and selection
In an effort to find an Easter lily that was more resistant to virus and diseases, an Easter lily breeding program was established in 1960 in Harbor, OR. A cultivar was produced that was promising to the researchers working on the project.

Propagation of Mugo Pine Successful

The standard method for propagation of Mugo pine (Pinus mugo) at the time the article was written was by seed. The challenges involved in propagating by seed were thought to be overcome by using summer softwood cuttings. Recommendations are made based on the rooting studies carried out by the authors.

Effect of Growth Regulators on Cytisus, Genista Tested

Greenhouse Crops
Rooting trials were conducted on Cytisus and Genista softwood cuttings to test the effectiveness of several rooting compounds. The methods and results of the Oregon State University affiliated study are discussed by the author.

Rots Currently Affecting Lily Forcing

Root base rot and a specific Penicillium rot was affecting the forcing of lilies in the Pacific Northwest. Studies were carried out to discover a successful control for the two rots and are discussed by the author.

Program Started to Obtain Virus-Free Rose Stocks

A program was developed after an increasing amount of rose rootstock varieties became infected with viruses that were being transmitted to the cuttings during propagation. Recommendations are given by the author on how to approach the rose virus problem.