"Sour" Sawdust Mulch May Damage Ornamentals

The use of sawdust mulch is discussed in relation to the horticulture industry and it's use of "sour" sawdust mulch as it was done at the time the article was written. The Oregon State University affiliated authors briefly discuss the effects the "sour" mulch had on ornamental plants.

Effect of Storage Temperature on Ace Lily Bulbs Tested

The Easter lily bulb market shifted from Croft lilies to Ace lilies, growers had to adapt to the change in production timelines as the Ace lilies were slower to force. The authors discuss the effect storage temperature had on the Ace lily bulbs tested.

Dormancy Improves Pear Rooting

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Conditions for successful rooting of Old Home pear cuttings are discussed by the Oregon State University affiliated authors. After it was noticed that the cuttings rooted in fall did better than the spring rooted cuttings, studies were conducted to find out why.

Effect of Flower Buds on Rooting Response-Tested

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Cultivars of Rhododendron cuttings are compared after experiments were carried out designed to determine if flower buds had an effect on root growth of the cuttings. The author discusses the results of the studies and their implication for propagation of Rhododendron by cutting.

Flower Count Compared to Total Bulb Weight

A simple study was conducted by the Oregon State University affiliated authors to answer questions they had about the correlation between Croft Easter Lily bulb weight and flower production. The details and results of the study are discussed.

Storage Temperature Affects Lily Bulbs

Experiments were conducted on Nellie White Easter lily bulbs to determine plant response to the order in which the bulbs were preheated, pre-cooled, and held. The bulbs were dug from the Pacific Bulb Growers Research and Development Station in Harbor, OR and brought to Corvallis, OR for testing.

Clonal Propagation of Plums, Cherries Studied

Clonal propagation of plums and cherries was studied in an attempt to determine a standardized method for propagating plum and cherry trees. The recommendations made were supported by research done in Oregon and elsewhere on clonal propagation.

Deficiency Symptoms for Clematis Noted

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Nutrient deficiency was investigated in the large-flowered hybrid clematis 'Ramona' after it was noticed that the large-flowered hybrid clematis often became chlorotic. The tests used several different nutrients to determine the cause of the deficiency.

Yew Cultivars Available at OSU in Limited Quantities

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Yew or Taxus are discussed as one of the more popular trees due to their variety in size, shape, shades of green. A descriptive list of yews, thought to be the best at the time the article was written, is provided.

Why did Ace Lilies Miss Easter

Ace lilies are discussed by the authors in regard to possible methods to ensure a timely production after growers had disappointing production for Easter in 1963. Experiments were conducted to determine conditions and methods for forcing Ace lily bulbs by the Oregon State University affiliated authors.